What is the

Redlioneye Gazette

Redlioneye Gazette is a weekly NFT publication, recording NFT, cryptoart, and DEFI history in real time!

Critical news and historic events of each week are combed in search of what will be depicted in an amazing, one of a kind artistic interpretation used for each publication’s cover.

The NFT token is the β€˜β€™cover’’ of our publication, and is being created weekly by Dudly and Redlioneye. Only 300 Gazette NFT cover tokens are published each week, so collectors should be prepared every Sunday night drop!

Each issue’s contents are totally FREE to read on our website. Buying the limited edition cover is entirely optional. Take your time and dive into our great articles written by AndreDeSantos, Dr.Terminus, Redlioneye, as well as countless amazing guest writers!

How does it work?

300 Gazettes are being printed every Sunday. Then we distribute subscriber issues. The remaining issues are put up for sale on Rarible and OpenSea marketplaces. Each Gazette costs 0.05 ETH and is on sale from Sunday through Saturday.

Gazettes remain available until they sell out. Otherise, any unsold issues are burned on Saturday before the following week’s issue is released.

Additionally, owners of the current issue will receive an exclusive artwork by established or up and coming crypto-artists every Saturday!

What time on Sunday?

Building and publishing the Gazette is a complex process. It involves a lot of collaboration,  moving parts, and last minute sprinting.

We gather materials throughout the week in search of the best possible stories. Followed by spending the whole weekend weaving this content into a great issue.

We work on it from early morning through release, which comes when we reach 100%. For this simple reason a precise Gazette release time cannot be scheduled, but we usually drop sometime between 22.00 - 00.00 UTC.

What are Artdrops?

Each week we feature a different cryptoartist. Sometimes an established name, other times more of an amazing up and coming artist (who should probably be on your radar). The artwork is being teased on Tuesdays, and revealed every Wednesday.

Each artwork is a special and exclusive commission, available ONLY to the owners of the current week’s issue. So all owners of our historic publication get an extra artwork on top of each issue’s limited-edition cover art.

Everything is included in the price of 0.05 ETH! Every year has 52 weeks, so the Redlioneye Gazette curated collection will feature at least 52 artists per year!

What are Subscriptions and HOW do they work ?

We offer 3 tiers of subscriptions. Each subscription is an NFT.


Silver Lion Club

13 Weeks (~3months)
13 Gazettes + 13 Artworks
for 0.6 ETH
(1 issue gratis ~8% discount)


Gold Lion Club

26 Weeks (~6months)
26 Gazettes + 26 Artworks
for 1.2 ETH
(2 issues gratis ~8% discount)


Red Lion Club

52 Weeks (~1 year)
52 Gazettes + 52 Artworks
for 2.35 ETH
(5 issues gratis ~10% discount)

ALL sales are final

MUST VISIT: subs.redlion.news to set up your Discord role, monitor your subscription status, and customize your avatar and username.

The subscription activates for the next issue # from the time of purchase.

Reselling Subscriptions is discouraged, hence the high royalties. The buyer will only receive the remaining weeks on the subscription. DON'T buy subscriptions on the secondary market especially if priced more than the original price. If you do, make sure you know how many issues left in the particular subscription that you buy.

ONLY buy subscriptions from this link: rarible.com/rlesubs

Or make sure that the subscription you are buying its the same contract: 0x4813c06eb9919db20634c431565d6b88f35501ff

Please keep on top of your subscription and monitor the expiration, NEW subscription waves will be available 1 week before expirations.

What are Sub Rewards

Before each new wave of subs is made available, all subscribers are being rewarded with a special NFT only available to them.

What are Set Rewards?

Set Rewards is how the most dedicated collectors and early supporters will be rewarded. Owners of specific sets of Gazettes will receive a special NFT as a reward for their faithful collecting and holding of the whole set. The first set reward being β€˜HMS Gazette’ by NOFF, available only to owners of issues 1-9.

Participants must hold all 9 issues under the same wallet to be rewarded!

Set rewards apply to all owners. Issues 1-4 MUST be migrated to count.

What is Gazette Migration?

Redlion.news mission

The Redlioneye Gazette started as a passion project. Though the project is technically β€˜for profit’, it’s not the kind of profit that acts as our primary motivation or focus to drive development of our product. Our mission is to create something amazing! A new paradigm in journalism and content creation as a whole. We feel obligated to the task of accurate, unbiased  recording of the cryptoart/NFT/DEFI timeline. We believe the significance of this undertaking is paramount.

Emerging digital nations created by cryptocurrencies, as well as thriving Discord native communities harbour an immense amount of knowledge and lore. Indispensable historical accounts that have never been recorded or reported before. With our open writing style, and ease of access for community members, we try to feature as many guest writers from the community as we can. This critical component provides us the naturally occurring benefit of a decentralised writing approach - Persistently exciting and diverse content, featuring a multitude of interesting, invaluable perspectives.

Tokenomics Monetization

Gazette has unique and disruptive monetization and tokenomics models.

There are no investors or advertisements to sway our quills.
Instead, we rely solely on the value we create, and belief in our work.

Our model is based on a win-win-win notion. We create value for the buyer, the collaborating artist, and our publication. All at once. Everything being created is carefully planned and reviewed to ensure longevity, consistency, and quality are recognized in every Redlioneye product.

The Gazette’s scaling mechanism is intended to carefully balance supply and demand. Gazette issuance can scale upward as well as downward.

Put simply, we increase issuance in batches of 100. Every new batch of 100 opens up 60 new subscriber spots.

As mentioned above, unsold editions also get burned.
So let’s see an example of scaling UP.

We were printing 100 issues of which 60 were going to subscribers with the remaining ones being available for sale. When demand exceeded supply, we increased the issuance to 200 and created 60 more subscriber spots. So then we have 120 subscriber issues and the rest available on the open market. We repeated the same with our increase from 200 to 300 issues.

Now an example of scaling DOWN

Assume we are printing 500 Gazettes, of which 300 go to subscribers, and sales of the remaining 200 don’t go very well. All unsold editions are burned, which shrinks the total edition size to a previous level, and as soon as subscriber spots expire it will scale down to 400. If sales still lag behind, the same will happen from 400 down to 300.

It is not scarcity that dictates the value of our Gazette, and the Gazette is NOT an investment vehicle. However we view it as part of our mission and dedication to the craft of creating value, growing, developing, building and learning.

What is the Shameless Shilling?

It started as an immature idea which has actually developed really well! The original concept was to showcase a few cool projects that I personally might invest in. However, it became challenging to get the necessary write ups from the projects in a timely manner. Additionally, the influx and subsequent filtering of countless questionable projects has transformed the shameless shilling section, (despite its name), into a quality oriented special occurrence. We’ll occasionally cover some smaller projects by established and proven cryptoartists.

What are Guides?

It is no secret that the crypto/DEFI space has a severe lack of information available, UI and UX are often counter intuitive or quite lacking in foresight. It is downright difficult for a non-technical user to navigate the murky waters of today’s DAPPS and Web 3 services. The β€˜Guides’ section is our way of helping to further inform and educate the average crypto user by breaking down essential steps in a user-friendly way.

What is "Covers"?

Covers is a weekly behind the scenes look at the creation of each limited edition cover, written by DUDLY.art himself! Never miss a single cover breakdown, these are so much fun!

How can an artist participate in the Artdrops?

What is the Redlioneye Curated Collection?

Each year has 52 weeks, and each week we feature a different artist for our artdrops. So, 52 artists can be featured in a year totalling 52 unique artworks.

We want to inspire and incentivize artists to put forward their best work for this carefully curated collection. The main idea here is to create value through synergy and mutual benefit. The artist gets paid a commission to create an artwork of their choice, the creation of which is 100% up to the artist without any restrictions.

The buyer gets an amazing, original, and exclusive artwork on top of their awesome cover. We get the privilege of providing all of this incredible content at an affordable price.
The artwork is minted by the artist’s wallet, something that works in 2 ways:

1. The artist gets back all the secondary market royalties.
2. The buyer gets original artwork by the artists featured.

The hope is that this beautiful collection will benefit all interacting parties by becoming a true testament to art promotion and support.

Future Plans

We have just formed our dream team and we’re now relentlessly building out the Redlion ecosystem! Not much else can be revealed in detail for the time being, but here are some teasers:




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