Issue #3
Week 40 2020


Blue kirby officially abandoned his YFI poster child role.


This happened right after the heat he received for promoting EMN which got β€˜β€™hacked’’ resulting in lots of people getting rekt. However the community distributed back some of the remaining funds which made everybody team #halfrekt - which fyi the editors and scientists of Redlioneye Gazette are proud members of. The shit hit the fan and all joking aside some people lost serious money apeing into this so he started receiving threats.


So all in all we would label that as an amicable divorce.
On a more positive note however, he renounced his $RARI allocation. Which is good news, but some are wondering, was it just a publicity stunt since logarithmic distribution is very near?

Probably not but who knows?



You can follow the link if you want to read more about this AI generative art project by Nate. TLDR version: Every 4hrs approx there are ink slots available to buy, it costs 0.027 currently per ink slot, 100 slots available, when they sell out there is a lucky ink holder that gets rewarded the squiggly. Only 100 squigglies will ever exist. Ink slots sell out in seconds then it takes 4 hrs for the next auction to start.


The whole project was done by Natealex who also is the creator of, and a really cool guy for those who know him.

Squigglies have started to sell on the secondary market for 6 - 7.5 eth, these listings are going fast as it is really hard to buy ink in time to mint a squiggly and also not guaranteed you'll get one, so i would characterize these as cheap amazing deals.

The team behind The tiny Crypto Art Gallery first purchased crypto in 2017 for CryptoKitties. There are no whales behind this project.



Cryptopunks have been on fire lately but it looks like things are slowing down, or are they?

The recent boom can be attributed to the fact that punks are wrappable now so they can be sold in marketplaces, pairing that with the RARI airdrop incentive then you have a good moonmix.

A lot of defi chads were bulk buying punks since NFTs are hot right now, and also there was a flipping insanity taking over the rest of the people like a gold rush, some artists even have turned punk flippers overnight... However a lot of the momentum has stopped and we see a small drop in prices things can go both ways from here it seems.



This is the famous tweet that started the whole conversation.

We won’t get into depth and analyze everything, what we can all agree is that this guy has no clue what he is talking about. Reminds me of boomers that can’t understand why the internet is important.

The whole point of our new economy is PUBLIC DISPLAY - PRIVATE OWNERSHIP




On other gossip news, famous collector Satsmoon shocked the cryptoart community when he revealed his face on a recent video he uploaded on twitter, Why the shock?

Well because a ton of people thought he was asian…
But everybody was very impressed about the very nice place! Beautiful views!



MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE exhibition by Redlioneye has launched on CV.

The feedback has been amazing guys thank you all so much.

The idea started when I wanted to view some of my artworks next to each other.
Took 3 weeks to set up the whole place and position each NFT where it is. The building as a design I'm proud to say it was my idea but the actual build was done by C.Pyrc and Pointshark. Much gratitude to both these legends. All the design work for banners etc was by I CAN HAZ CRYPTO.

I really loved the response by the artists, I received so many cool selfies with them right next to their artworks. Although the original idea was to drive some new people and actually display to them what you can achieve as a user and a cool way to display NFTs, the response and visits were by artists mainly which was even more amazing. The exhibition is a very cool way to introduce people to cryptoart and NFTs, i took my mom for a walk in world and she really enjoyed looking at the artworks.

Over 300 artworks by more than 80 artists , most of the artworks are all sold out and hard to get.


The Exhibition will stay open and feature new artists as the pieces I have in there gradually sell.

The artworks with no price are either not for sale or I want to sell them as a bundle. I will be open to DM offers about any artworks for the duration of the exhibition.
For ALL the Gazette buyers of this issue there is a 15% discount on ANY item in the gallery
Offer expires when the next week's gazette comes out.

There is something even bigger cooking so stay tuned.

Again thank you all very much