Issue #8
Week 45 2020



creates art representing snapshots of their memories and a mirror into their heart, a 17 year old artist, born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, and currently a senior in high school, Fewocious discovered their love of art in middle school due to being bored in class. FEWOCiOUS deciding to draw caricatures of their peers to pass the time. Their art was also a way for them to process growing up & uses art as an alternate form of journaling.

Eventually, they discovered the Art Twitter community, and decided to start posting their own work too. Starting off with sharpie doodles on cheap copy paper, to drawing digitally using their iPad pro and the Procreate app, always creating based off how they feel. To them, Vibrancy symbolizes the strength of feeling. Sometimes, experimenting with acrylic paints in the physical space. Although, Fewocious has never been in an art class, they spend all their time absorbing art books and learning from as many artists they can. Recently, learning how to animate their artworks to extend the fluidity and showcase breathing motions.

This is the description of Nifty Gateway, we all know him from the short Twitter videos that he uploads that are always filled with positivity, maybe a little cringe sometimes haha!


โ€œMoment I fell in loveโ€™โ€™ sold to ETYOUNG for 25,000$.
Congratulations to both the artist and the collector.


Joe Biden wins! 

What now?

How a Biden administration will actually treat cryptocurrencies, little is known from Bidenโ€™s record as all but one of his 40+ years as a senator from Delaware occurred prior to the publication of Satoshi Nakamotoโ€™s now-famous white paper that laid out the principles and workings of Bitcoin.

The nearest hint we have from his record is that close to three decades ago, Biden introduced a pair of bills that would have outlawed encryption, inadvertently spurring the development of PGP keys.

The president-elect has so far kept a tight lid on who his campaign will nominate to key positions, but his top pick to run the U.S. Treasury Department is reportedly Federal Reserve Governor Lael Brainard who is overseeing the Boston Fedโ€™s research into a digital dollar.

Sam Bankman-Fried, the CEO of cryptocurrency derivatives platform FTX, made the second-largest donation to former Vice President Joe Bidenโ€™s presidential campaign, according to details revealed in The Wall Street Journal on Oct. 28.

RLE Gazette reached out to Sam Bankman-Fried, who declined to be interviewed for this article.

Joe Biden doesnโ€™t have a stated position on Bitcoin, although he says he doesnโ€™t own any.

Some of Biden's potential cabinet picks are already crypto-savvy.

A Biden presidency could lead to more regulation of cryptocurrency, reversing Trumpโ€™s mostly hands-off approach.

The impact of Bidenโ€™s presidency on the financial sector and crypto will largely depend on his and his teamโ€™s stance.

Joe himself was one of the targets of the recent massive Twitter hack, which involved asking people to send Bitcoin to famous people. After the hack, Biden tweeted that he doesnโ€™t own any Bitcoin, showing neither a positive nor negative attitude towards the cryptocurrency.

Kamala Harris, Bidenโ€™s potential VP, didnโ€™t come with any crypto-related statements, but Ryan Montoya, who is familiar with crypto, is in her team. Montoya was Chief Technical Officer of the Sacramento Kings, which rewarded its fans with crypto
Gary Gensler, former Commodity Futures Trading Commission Chairman, can also help Biden overseeing Wall Street. Gensler is tech-savvy and has an overall positive stance on crypto, expecting to see it โ€œsomewhere in the financial system in a meaningful way.โ€

Andrew Yang, a prominent crypto supporter, also joined Bidenโ€™s camp. Yang has been vocal about making regulations crypto-friendly, which may positively influence the regulatory landscape under the new presidentโ€™s administration.

In conclusion things can go both ways, but the signs are bullish overall.
Personally it wouldnโ€™t surprise me if Biden becomes incapable of governing and Kamala Harris takes over, which will be a historic event as well.



Rare Designer dropped a really beautiful pepe on Rarible this week but there were a few issues with it.

What happened?

Well apparently he used a gif that was created by Kidmograph without getting permission or crediting the artist. It was at a small part on the artwork but still Kidmograph wasnโ€™t happy this happened. So RareDesigner called the owners to burn the artwork and he minted a new one without Kidmographs art in.



But it didnโ€™t end there because the background was also taken from the internet.


So then again he changed it to not contain that one as well.

The result was a static image.



One big difference that weโ€™ll see with the Ethereum 2.0 release is a move away from Proof-of-Work, a consensus mechanism that it uses alongside Bitcoin. On Ethereum 2.0, mining will be a thing of the past as the focus shifts to staking. The validation of transactions on this blockchain will no longer be contingent on computing power โ€“ and advocates believe that the upgrade will ultimately make Ethereum 2.0 far more secure. Another big bonus could be a sizeable improvement in energy efficiency, especially considering there are growing concerns about how much electricity is consumed by the BTC network.

Ethereum 2.0 is also expected to deliver a substantial boost to capacity, ultimately meaning that it can handle more transactions per second. With demand continually increasing, the emphasis on scalability will be a crucial step in ensuring the network is futureproof. This is achieved through shard chains, which allow transactions to be processed simultaneously instead of consecutively.

On a practical level, Ethereum stakers can now begin depositing the 32 ETH required to stake on Eth 2.0. Once 16,384 validators have deposited funds equivalent to a total of 524,288 ETH into the contract, the Beacon chain โ€“ the spine of Ethereum 2.0โ€™s multiple blockchain design โ€“ will kick into action in what is called the โ€œgenesisโ€ event of Ethereum 2.0. That event is expected within the next few weeks.

Stakers will begin earning inflation rewards after the genesis event by placing their ether as collateral on Eth 2.0. Staking rewards are reasonably high compared to other investments coming in between 8%โ€“15% annually. And thatโ€™s for a good reason: Not only is there software risk, but the deposit contract to Eth 2.0 is a one-way bridge โ€“ at least for now.

As a sign of his confidence and commitment to the network, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin contributed 3200 ETH (~$1.3M) to the deposit contract. The contributed amount is enough to run 100 validators and it might have been chosen for symbolic reasons.
Ethereum 2.0 staking will provide an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 21.6%, at the minimum amount of 524,288 ETH required for launch. The returns are higher at first, because validators need to be incentivized to contribute the amount, which will keep falling as more validators join in.


While there are high rewards for staking ETH in the new iteration, there are penalties for not maintaining enough uptime to process activity and finalize blocks, acting in bad faith and contrary to the health of the network. This is done to ensure that participants act in good faith or lose rewards through minor penalties or the more serious slashing.

Any validator with 50% or 16 ETH of the 32 ETH slashed by the network for any reason is automatically ejected. It is advisable that users only stake if they have the required resources and technical knowledge or otherwise simply participate in a staking service.


The Shameless Shilling



New amazing logo by the super awesome JOY for our cute $DONK
We are now live on Uniswap and waiting for some technicalities from Niftex in order to be able to have $DONK on discord
Coingecko Application has also been submitted! Fingers crossed everyone


What is $COKE project?

You saw $COKE trading on CoinGecko at an evaluation of $228,800.00. You donโ€™t understand whatโ€™s happening. This is no โ€œjoke currency.โ€ $COKE is culture. $COKE is status.

This altcoin came from fractionalized Axie #2646, โ€œCocaine Cowboy,โ€ sharded on the NIFTEX platform. 10,000 shards were minted, and over 6,000 shards have been gifted to artists that have used the Axie in their work. So far dozens of pieces have been minted, fostering a community of creativity. For more information on $COKE we recommend reading, โ€œThe Story of cloudwhite and $COKE,โ€ and โ€œPlayer Spotlight: cloudwhite.โ€

The โ€œPrice of $COKE Upโ€ crypto art contest ended on 10/31. Winners will be announced on 11/11. Come, draw a line of $COKE with us.


What is
tiny Crypto Art Gallery?


The team behind The tiny Crypto Art Gallery first purchased crypto in 2017 for CryptoKitties. There are no whales behind this project.

Theyโ€™ve since put everything on the NFT markets, because they believe. They believe in crypto art. They believe in play to earn & the future of gaming. Youโ€™ve heard of #stronghands. Theyโ€™re #tinyhands. They #HODL strong.

The team noticed a disparity between artists collected. Why canโ€™t everyone enjoy the thrill of collecting? Good art is good art. Quality is not dictated by price. Unlike some others, the group is proud of their #tinyhands. They have a selection of โ€œhigh-endโ€ pieces, but the foundation of the gallery is built on underdog artists.

Land for the gallery was purchased in Decentraland (Parcel 55,90) back in October 2020. Their site is located just across the street from KnownOrigin and SuperRare. The gallery is currently under construction with the team headed by designer Desiree Casoni, and Voxel Architects on the build. They are anticipating an opening before the end of the year. You can view their collection here. Artists interested in donating to the gallery can send to the following Ethereum address: 0xf41589c9d0eF20f354155cbf586ab5ba419F12fa



Squiggly floor sitting at 6.5 ETH from 3.5 ETH last week. The floor price for a T-Curve now is 20 eth. Get yours now before it's too late if you love and believe in generative art and the wonderful team of Atlantes.





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