Issue #9
Week 46 2020

Micah Johnson 250 ETH sale!

From Asyncart feature:

Micah Johnson’s ‘sä-v(ə-)rən-tē is one of the first programmable artworks that synthesize artistic expression and call to action through his symbolic advocacy of two boys, Jacque and Rayden. A testament to the power of programmable art, the artwork documents two boys and allows its viewers to directly contribute to their cause.

At first glance, ‘sä-v(ə-)rən-tē is simple in its presentation: an astronaut stands on one side of an aged white door across from two boys, Jacque and Rayden, in a field. Every year on the boys’ respective birthdays, a Layer change reveals what each brother wants to be when they grow up along with a bitcoin wallet that anyone can contribute to. This symbolizes the boys’ opportunities to achieve their dreams, the door in the center opening further outward each year.

When Jacque and Rayden turn 18, their figures disappear from the Master artwork and they receive access to their bitcoin wallets.

The astronaut on the left, a hyper-detailed replica used in some of your most favorite Hollywood films, is the only Layer that can be owned by a collector. This collector has the ability to reveal the astronaut or tease the viewers by choosing the state change that shows the astronaut removing the helmet.

Read a detailed blogpost about the artwork here.


"The artwork sold to reticent-seurat-8988 for 250 ETH!"


Congratulations to both buyer and the artist. The buyer, reticent-seurat-8988  seems to only be holding this artwork on this wallet.


We can clearly see the same person outbidding himself for a lot of ETH. Looking at the same address at etherscan.

At the time of writing the wallet holds only 63 ETH! Looks like a recent wallet with only 14 txs.

Let’s keep following the money

The wallet received 299.5 ETH from this address which is also a new address with only 4 txs and remaining balance of 163 ETH. This wallet received around 500 ETH 157 and 171 days ago in 2 txs as you can clearly see in the photo below.


Both from address 0x48B5....ef66 which has a balance of 0.000000188 ETH.
This address seems to be receiving funds and distributing them in other wallets and the last address that funded it big was 0xC333....F771.

Which is finally an address with real money inside 11,400 ETH and some more money in stable coins and alts.

Weird way to buy art for sure, maybe the owner wants to stay anonymous.
The impact this money will have on the boys’ lives will be great and we salute such a great and altruistic initiative.



The NFT Awards program honors innovation and creativity throughout the blockchain industry, celebrating the best non-fungible tokens (NFTs) minted each year.

Key Dates

October 6—November 13: Nominations open
October 22—November 13: Community voting for People's Choice Award
December 9, 11:00am UTC: Winners announced in NFT Awards ceremony on Twitch

Award Categories

Winners of the 2020 NFT Awards will be awarded in 10 categories: NFT of the Year, People’s Choice, Adoption Potential, Most Innovative, Most Valuable, Gaming, Charity, Art, Utility, and Most Traded.

There has been some tension lately on Twitter between artists, sparked by these awards that have set the artists in a more competitive spirit than usual.

Artists were promoting their nfts and nominations and it was all boring as usual, but then something magnificent happened, accusations and innuendos!

Trevor clearly wants his Bull to win, so he started promoting it.

Then came with some insinuation about others using bots to affect the voting.


Shots fired!

To which Robness replied.
Pure class!🔫

Lucho came in to support Trevor as well, here is what he had to say.

Spaced Painter’s comment was on point imho.

It’s not very fair towards all the other contestants to make a giveaway reward for enlisting votes. But the story was quite entertaining to watch and sparked a lot of interest.


These are the judges of the awards. Looking forward to some more hot spicy award drama.


TheSandBox game

Chronicles of a failed presale

by CPyrc

It all started 2 weeks ago. @TheSandboxGame announced on twitter their upcoming and last presale!

As you can see by the number of  comments / retweets / likes there was a lot of expectation for it. Almost 20k lands to be released and with the price of the lands in the secondary market going for 3-4x the price of the lands in the presale, 12th of November became an unmissable date for any NFT flipper / trader / lover / enthusiast out there.

I slowly started to accumulate some $sand ready for the presale, as I wanted a 6x6 estate and maybe a few small 3x3 and few premium lands. Bought $sand at a higher price compared to today's price but the rush and adrenaline of the presale was going to make it worth it.

12th of November arrived and 2h before the sale I was ready for it. Turned off and on my laptop, placed myself close to the router, erased plenty of junk from my pc so it would work better….

Suddenly a good friend asked me if I could try to buy a 24x24 (XL) estate for him as he was not going to be able to make it. I couldn’t promise anything but I told him I’d try, so that became my n1 priority. 420k+ $sand in my account ready for the big rush!

1h, 30min, 10min, 5min, 1min, 30secs, 10 secs, 5secs, 1sec… It’s time! Very nervous I refreshed my TSB tabs and was waiting for the map to appear. I waited, refreshed, I waited… map was loading… I waited, refreshed…. nothing. My account was also logged out, and when I tried to get back in it was loading as well unsuccessfully.

I had TheSandBox discord opened in my phone as well so I could read in real time if that was happening just to me or it was a general issue. A bit relieved (yeah, misery loves company) I saw that everyone was having the same problem, so nobody could buy lands at that time. It appears it was a UI issue because some lands were being sold straight through the contract, but as soon as devs realized what was going on they activated maintenance mode in their website and prevented people from buying through the contract. Around 30min after they announced this on discord:


Sebastian was saying in the stream that they were working really hard to fix the issues they were experiencing and hinted that presale might be postponed if they couldn’t fix in in a reasonable period of time.

People in discord chat were pretty angry and most of them wanted to carry on with the presale no matter what, “postpone” was not a suitable word in their vocabulary. I was staying neutral and took the opportunity to eat something and go to the bathroom, with these presales you never know when you will have another break!


Wait what?? 1h 25min into the presale and looked like they had everything ready! This is no drill, this is real!

Ok ok you can do it Pyrc, dont be nervous, you are just few clicks away from your beloved estates! 1min, 30secs, 10 secs, 5secs, 1sec… It’s time again! I refreshed my TSB tabs and was waiting for the map to appear. I waited, refreshed, I waited… map was loading… I waited, refreshed…. nothing. Sounds familiar right? Yeah, same issues I had the first time. Oh well, they screwed it up this second time, this time for sure they will postpone the presale, no way they will carry on like this. And so few minutes later the announcement arrived:


Not nice to postpone something everyone was so hyped about but technical issues happen, right? Well, let’s try to buy those awesome estates once everything is ready.

Now map is loading.
Now map is showing plenty of booked estates/lands.
Now map is showing plenty of bought estates/lands.
Now map is almost sold out…


What????? Wasn’t the presale postponed?????

Well, apparently the issue that affected me was affecting plenty of other users, but the other smaller percentage of users could log in, load the map and buy those lands before the team decided to postpone the sale, so once devs decided to do so most estates were already sold out.

TSB Discord chat was really hard to keep up with, a relentless flood of angry messages was appearing in there so you could see how pissed people were about what had happened. I was also really annoyed at it, what happened was not fair and really bad managed by the team.

To make things better I saw $Sand price dropping so I decided to sell at a sizable loss (price today is even lower than when I sold) and obviously no XL estate for my friend, no smaller estates for me... No point in joining the angry crowd in discord so I decided to leave my feedback on twitter:

Really wanted to be less polite but I thought a serious/blunt feedback of what had happened was going to be more effective than a simple rant, wanted the devs to be in their customer/playerbase shoes for once and feel what we felt. More tweets started to appear, some supporting the TSB team and some seriously bashing them. Team went off the grid for the rest of the day probably talking / thinking / resolving what had happened during the day. Eventually the crowd calmed down as well and nothing remarkable happened afterwards. 

Next day dev team wrote this medium post apologizing for what had happened the previous day:


  • The Sandbox has experienced the highest DEMAND (5x times higher) of all our previous presales;

  • Unfortunately, due to technical issues, many users were unable to access the map; so this Presale created a less than desirable situation;

  • We attempted to interrupt the Presale, but many transactions went through regardless (Etherscan link). We do apologize we were not able to stop it;

  • We sold 81% of the available LAND to 840 unique users — including 621 first time land owners (73%) — during the short time the Presale was online; that shows the huge interest for The Sandbox; but the Presale was not on level playing ground, leaving many players frustrated.

  • 100% of the revenue from this troubled Presale will go to our community-driven and DAO-governed Foundation (supporting Creators & Game Makers Funds) instead of The Sandbox,

  • The Sandbox will craft a better solution for future sales with more scalable and efficient sale mechanics: weekly, auction, lottery…

  • The Sandbox has a total of 166,464 LANDS. Of which, we’ve sold 31% to date. And, we will sell the remaining 52% in the next 18 months with a better distribution through our improved public sales;

73% “first time land owners”… well, with the 10% referral program where someone just creates a new address and refers himself I doubt those numbers are accurate but w/e, looks like at least they addressed their issues and will try to find better ways to do these presales in the future.

Don’t get me wrong, Im still annoyed at what happened, but the crypto/NFT space is so small, so fast-growing and so not ready yet for these “huge” amounts of hype/users that I can only hope the TSB team really learned from this failed presale because is the only way we can make a more robust space where we can all thrive in.


Thanks a lot for reading, Pyrc out!


Historic Punk Sale


PUNK #2924

A historic punk sale took place this week on Larva Labs marketplace.

Darth Ape sold the punk you see above for 140 ETH!
There are only 24 APE punks in existence.
The buyer is DANNY a prolific punk collector. Congratulations to both.

Top 5 Punk Sales so far:


What is even more impressive is that DANNY owns 3 out of the 5 top sold punks.
2nd, 4th and 5th highest purchases.
Big achievement, congratulations!


The Shameless Shilling

What is Art Blocks?

Simply put it is a vending machine for generative art.

Art Blocks is an NFT platform driven by generative content. Creators immortalize an algorithm on the Ethereum blockchain and then collectors mint tokens that represent the results of running that algorithm.

Take the Chromie Squiggle, the platform’s logo, as an example.

Each time a squiggle is minted the Chromie Squiggle algorithm generates a unique squiggle. It happens automatically. Upon mint the server renders a static image that represents the NFT for marketplaces like OpenSea to be able to display it. Collectors can then also visit their token in the live script view which allows for creators to make the content interactive if they choose. For example if you visit the live script of a Chromie Squiggle and click on it you’ll see it come to life as the colors start to move.

Content creators deploy their scrips as a “project” and set the price and maximum number of mints. The project will continue to generate unique outputs until that maximum number is reached after which the project is considered sold out and the only way to acquire one is to explore secondary markets. 

Think of each output from the Art Blocks platform as a 1 of 1 of 100 for example. Each project script is a sort of “template” for a generative output. When a token is minted, the Ethereum blockchain provides randomness that turns that “template” into a unique work of art.

Insert coin, get algorithmically generated art! Try it out on Rinkeby!





20 useful programs or website for making NFTs with.

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Art Quote.

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