Issue #10
Week 47 2020


Another record breaking sale from Trevor Jones and Alotta Money on AsyncArt. Ethboy was purchased by MaxStealth5 for 260 ETH (141,536.20 $ USD).

It was a bidding war between Basileus.eth, Jonathan Bales and Maxstealth5.

Full bidding history:


After winning the auction maxstealth5 tweeted this out

Here is the link to Trevor’s website where they present the artwork in depth.

And here you can visit it on AsyncArt

Short demo of the future 10 NFT animations 


Bull run is here!

$18K BTC
$550 ETH

Bitcoin price rallied towards the USD 18,500 level, where sellers took a strong stand. As a result, there was a sharp bearish reaction and BTC declined below USD 18,000. 

The price even broke the USD 17,650 support, but the bulls protected BTC from more losses, and currently it is trading above USD 18,000 again.

The last time BTC was above the USD 18,000 level is December 2017.

12 years ago back in July 2010, a single BTC was swapping for $0.08 per unit. This means with BTC above the $18k handle (or just below), the crypto asset has increased in value over 22 million percent since 2010. If a person waited even five years later, in 2015 the price of BTC was swapping between $200-300 per coin. An investment in bitcoin at this level (2015) would give an investor 7,100% with BTC exchange rates at the $18k mark.

Data shows that at the current price levels, any person with a touch over 55 BTC has crossed the millionaire zone. Statistics show that there are 664,900 unique addresses with anywhere between 1-10BTC and 2.3 million unique addresses with 0.1 to 1 BTC each. Stats from also indicates there are 25,810 unique addresses that own a million dollars worth of bitcoin. Beyond those million-dollar whales, 3,442 addresses contain $10 million in BTC today as well.


With BTC prices riding so high, this week crypto proponents have been wondering whether or not an β€˜altcoin season’ is coming around the bend. So far, with BTC’s dominance levels at 68.7%, it doesn’t seem to be the case, at least for now.

There is a clear difference between the ongoing uptrend and the 2017 rally. This time, Bitcoin has shown more composure and stability throughout the uptrend, consecutively reclaiming major resistance levels.

But there is always a case for the opposite as well.



It’s sad to see yet another exploit in defi dapps.

However I always admire the genius behind these attacks. It is paradoxical but every "attack" just makes crypto and defi space more robust in the long run.

It appears to be a bug related to Pickle’s Swap Jar functionality, which allows yield farming strategies to be swapped. The issue was that there apparently was no check to ensure that the Jar the funds were being swapped into was not malicious.

This resulted in the removal of $20m from the contract. It is currently unclear what the attacker will do with the funds, though there are some that have attempted to contact the attacker to try and get their money back.

"Damn. Congrats for those 19M. You just got your life resolved! Mine isn't though :/ If you feel like donating a bit to me feel free to do it. Thanks bro."

"I lost 100,000$ in your attack. I am a nurse. These are all my savings. I hope you can returnm it to me. Everyone will get sick. Think of the nurses who care you when you are sick. I wish you always healthy and enjoy the happiness of the world. GOD BLESS YOU."

"Hello. I worked very hard for almost 2 years to buy 30 ETH this year. I recently used Pickle because I thought DEFI was the best way to make money fast. To be honest, I grew to 80 ETH."

"Bro, my life savings of 60,000 US dollars are all in Pickle finance, can you pay me back, thank you very much!!"

This is the latest in many recent DeFi exploits. Previous attacks included those on Harvest Finance, Value DeFi, Akropolis’ Delphi yield farming pool, and a number of others.


The Shameless Shilling

Strain NFT

Strain NFT is a defi-staked NFT ecosystem built on top of Ethereum.


The general theme is locking up LP tokens to generate a rare cannabis collectable, and earning yield as a result. Core NFT functionality (generation in the Apothecary) is going live on 11/27, with further plans to release breeding (Greenhouse), a marketplace (Dispensary) and a decentralised governance module.

Strain NFT received a partnership grant from Matic to bring a layer 2 solution to their revolutionary ecosystem, have already successfully launched an LP mine including an XIOTRI partnership, and launched single asset staking on 11/19.

The ecosystem at large is powered by the primary utility token $STRN, with a current market cap of around $300k. $STXP, intended as a breeding and yield amplifier, can also be earned when you stake $STRN.

UI Teaser


Gen 1 NFT Teaser




The RedlionEye Gazette Issues  1-10 quiz

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