Issue #11
Week 48 2020

Pranksy Advent Calendar


The talk of cryptoart town this week has been the Pranksy Advent Calendar.

For those of you who live inside a cave, Pranksy made a beautiful advent calendar (Designed by bananakin), with 200 copies for 1 ETH each. 48 hrs later they were all gone!

The prop was that for each day,starting December 1 until Christmas, 25th of December owners will receive an NFT from different artists or projects daily. With some heavy names joining such as JOY, Alotta Money, Avastars, Sandbox and many more.

Twitter was full of pranksy calendar everywhere and happy buyers as you can see.


Of course our beloved Gazette readers could not be left out!

So we secured one Pranksy Advent Calendar to be gifted to a lucky reader, only owners from Gazette #10 and #11 participate in our draw. So you need to secure ownership of this issue by Dec 1st to participate in this exciting Raffle.

The whole Calendar idea was very nice, and itโ€™s great to see how fast the community came together to help create and buy the calendar! Truly remarkable!

Plagiarising Pranksy here, there is no other space where a project like that could exist let alone sell out for 100k! Seriously impressive. So after conquering peak after peak what is next for Pranksy?

Well of course is coming soon and it feels like it will be YUGE. As always we are excited for what is coming!

Good luck to everyone participating in the raffle and enjoy your 25 days of NFTs!


ETH 2.0 staking contract

The smart contracts required to trigger the first phase of Ethereum 2.0 have sufficient funds to initiate the most ambitious upgrade of Ethereum to date, which will fundamentally change the economic model, resource usage and governance of Ethereum.

The Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract was released in early November, and has accumulated more than 540,000 ETH (valued at more than 325 M USD $) on Monday night, ensuring that the Ethereum 2.0 beacon chain will be launched next week, officially starting the transfer of Ethereum From the consensus mechanism of proof of work to the mechanism of proof-of-stake with the aim of solving a number of issues, including scalability.

The Ethereum Foundation had previously set a soft launch date for Dec. 1, assuming the deposit contract saw 524,288 ETH staked by Nov. 24. It hit the target with hours to spare, after more than 150,000 ETH were deposited in a 24-hour period.

The last 25% of the ETH needed to trigger the contract was deposited in four hours. The contract held just as of 22:45 UTC on Monday.

The network itself has not yet started. The launch of Ethereum 2.0 will activate a parallel proof-of-stake blockchain, called the "beacon chain", which runs in parallel with the existing Ethereum network. The initial stage of its development will not affect existing users and decentralized applications on Ethereum.

What does it mean though for the future of NFTs?

It means that we will be able to do all the basic NFT functions plus a few more for way cheaper and faster than we are today. It is definitely a historic date and the future of ETH looks super bright if all thats expected is actually delivered.

If one looks around will notice that all the projects are currently building bridges to ETH and if they are not it's probably because their project/coin is dead. Most numbers of developers and most active development is happening on Ethereum and solidity now and that's a fact. The real milestone or the cherry on the top however will be EIP 1559, which will smooth out and automate the gas fee auction system and burn fees creating a more beneficial environment for the users.

As every ETH fanboy we are waiting anxiously for the effects on the network to take place. Defi apps are only getting started and this upcoming Bull run feels like it will be the mother of all pumps. All the elements for a perfect storm are in place and the communities have never been more ready. If we go back to the 2017 ICO insanity we will notice that things died down for a a few months before picking up with more steam than before, which might be the case here again only difference though is that ICO is replaced with Defi.



What would this issue be without some sprinkle of drama. Boy oh boy we have a juicy one this week.

Our main protagonist: Bitboy arguably one of the slimiest influencers, got in on a bit of trouble, as he was exposed by Lux Expression for selling artwork that didnโ€™t belong to him.

It all starts with a very innocent youtube tutorial in Spanish


Then you can see Bitboy actually minted and successfully sold this artwork that was demonstrated in the tutorial


Here is an interesting thread on Twitter by Lux Expression where he fully exposes Bitboy, and also showing the Diss Card he made for this occasion. (Devils Advocate: WoW a Diss Card? He showed themโ€ฆ.)
But in all seriousness why not?
Fight Art with Art sounds like a fine concept to me.
Suddenly we have reinforcements, Matty is entering the ring and he is not liking what is happening.


As you can read below the conversation is rather interesting, with Alex (insider0x) staing the official position of Rarible.

I would like to add as a side note here, that i have made the following comment multiple times on Raribleโ€™s TG and Discord, about having some type of onboarding procedure for influencers, public figures and projects that are looking to milk sell NFTs to their followers through Rarible.(Anyway)

Then the thread becomes really long and a lot of people are bringing their opinions in.
But Bitboy had this to say:


We have seen it numerous times by now. The conversation always veers towards those philosophical questions that don't really have a specific answer and all the protein and the fire of the original arguments are getting lost in a sea of random comments and philosophical questions that exhaust the reader looking for a solid conclusion.

However if you are a drama addict (and we know you are because you are reading this) please take the time to go through these twitter threads, is a ray of sunlight in our daily lockdown routine.



A wonderful generative art project that we covered in our shameless shilling section on issue 9 was which recently sold out 2 out of their 3 starting projects.

Genesis by DCA and and construction token by Jeff Davies has been sold out. The Chromie Squiggle project by snowfro hasnโ€™t sold out just because it has a 10,000 tokens total supply, but is selling rather quickly, at the time of publication more than 1700 Chromie Squiggles have been sold.

Since we know that you will degen into it and you need to know what you are minting we went investigating and unearthed some useful information.

Chromie Squiggle Traits


And all the remaining ones should be common.

Itโ€™s also very interesting to note that you have a function where you can mint to another persons wallet , perfect for Christmass time, donโ€™t you think?

An artwork on Art Blocks has two states. The "image" which is static and simply represents the artwork in terms of the Token/NFT. And the "Live Script" which when you run it you're literally running the algorithm that generates the output in your browser in real time.

The squiggles are animated, by clicking the "Live Script" link and then click the screen the colors start to change, and you can press space bar to change the background color.

People usually ask a lot about how they can get involved. The answer is "take your time" there is a long list of people already in line to deploy.

BUT if you want to learn more, the world of creating coding is fascinating and a great place to get started is

This project has been cooking for 2-3 years by Snowfro.

Here is some interesting gossip in the origin straight from the horses mouth:
โ€œI sold over 20 Zombies punks in 2018 to pay for developer fees for the initial versions of the Art Blocks platofrm.

For under $500 a piece I've spent thousands of hours finessing the idea, and gradually have pitched it in refined versions of the last few years until finally the concept is where it needs to be and the Ethereum ecosystem is at a place to where users can understand what they're doing and getting.โ€
Snowfro gifted 2,000 of his "non-blockchain-world" customers printed Chromie Squiggles with instructions on how to claim them on the original art blocks platform. 14 people out of the 2,000 actually claimed them. Those people each received a "Final" chromie squiggle minted to them yesterday

Yesterday 100 Squiggles were minted to folks that helped with testnet and beta testing.

The artwork Genesis by DCA was built specifically as a proof of concept for Art Blocks in 2018 to show what could be achieved with the platform

Jeff Davis has over 20 years of experience in Generative art, DCA and Snowfro over 10 years.


The Shameless Shilling


NFT Multisend

The NFT Multisend, powered by the Zero Utility Team offers a simplistic universal tool to send ERC-1155, ERC-721, & ERC-20 token types to multiple addresses.

With features such as Token ID Search, CSV file transfer and $ZUT payment options, you also have cheapest way to send airdrops in the crypto space!

As you all know the Redlioneye Gazette, has innovated the Artdrops that take place each week to our supporters. It is a really tedious weekly process that now has become much easier due to NFT multisend by ZUT. 

I strongly recommend to watch the YT tutorial before using it

This service has made the artdrops so much easier and i m getting the message out there because i know more people need to use solutions like that.