Issue #13
Week 50 2020

Beeple Effect II


If you are a troglodyte and want to catch up, please check issue #7 for a presentation of the artist and what happened on the first drop.

Now letโ€™s begin.

Beepleโ€™s second drop was such a crazy motherfucker, as he would put it.

The drop consisted of 100 editions for 1$, 3 open editions for 5 min. going for 969$ a pop and 21 single editions to be auctioned during the weekend. All artworks except the 1$ will come bundled with the physical token as well.


Open Editions

271 editions for 262,599$

207 editions for 200,583$

123 editions for 119,187$

Limited Editions

100 editions for 100$

Single Editions

Sold for 75,000$ to nunnian (metakovan)
Sold for 77,777$ to vimina (metakovan)
Sold for 55,000$ to metapurse (metakovan)
Sold for 90,000$ to quirinal (metakovan)
Sold for 105,000$ to caelian (metakovan)
Sold for 105,089$ to mcap (metakovan)
106,000$ to metapurse (metakovan)
Sold for 107,000$ to quirinal (metakovan)
Sold for 107,000$ to nunnian (metakovan)
Sold for 115,000$ to esquiline (metakovan)
Sold for $116,500 to metapurse (metakovan)
Sold for 123,500$ to bergson (metakovan)
Sold for 112,000$ to nunnian (metakovan)
Sold for 116,000$ to pascal (metakovan)
Sold for 121,000$ to babbage (metakovan)
Sold for 127,500$ to quirinal (metakovan)
Sold for 160,500$ to metapurse (metakovan)
Sold for 127,500$ to quirinal (metakovan)
Sold for 122,500$ to mcap (metakovan)
Sold for 127,500$ to metakovan
THE COMPLETE MF COLLECTION Sold for 777,777.77$ to illestrater (Tim Kang)

Check the whole collection here๏ปฟ

Ok now we are curious whatโ€™s in the box?


Many people will agree that itโ€™s a little disappointing the hair sample is not pubes. Now letโ€™s be real, had it been pubes, what percentage of owners would actually smell them?

There are many factors that make this drop so groundbreaking. First is the format. Choosing to have open editions for 5 min was simply just brilliant. It gave everyone a fair chance on acquiring an authentic Beeple. Guess thatโ€™s the proper way to do an open edition โ€˜โ€™only bound by timeโ€™โ€™ lol.

The 21 single editions were also a big innovation as we are not used to seeing this amount of 1/1 being dropped at the same time. The 100 editions for 1$ was great as well, since he was the pioneer of this move and can be characterized as his signature move,  predicting we will see it as a recurring pattern with future Beeple drops.

Now regarding the timeframes, 100 editions went to the fastest people (under 1 second sold out!), open editions were available to all for 5 minutes, and the 21 single editions to be auctioned throughout the weekend, ending gradually one after the other.

In all aspects the drop was extremely well thought, planned and executed.

There will be an update note on this article after auctions end.

The total so far is 1,876,558$.

Thatโ€™s a real record right there and will for sure surpass 2M$. The best type of advertisement is when sale records break, now when they get annihilated like that, it will for sure mean an influx of new users in the space. It is great that from 55k sales moved to 100k $ sales and now to 2M $ drops.

Beeple Update

What if i told you that all the Beeple auctions but the last one were won by the same person?

Well, thatโ€™s exactly what happened here! All the auctions were won by Metakovan. He achieved that by bidding from different burner accounts.  Letโ€™s start by having a look at the final numbers.

100 x 1 = 100$

271 x 969 = 262,599$
207 x 969 = 200,583$
123 x 969 = 119,187$
21 Auctions = 2,971,643$

Total Drop 3,554,112$.
Absolutely incredible!

Here you can see them all in one wallet! 
Total cost for Metakovan 2,196,733$


But RLE why would anyone do that?

Well if his plan was to go for the scoop from the very beginning, then this elaborate plan with the multi accounts might have been a really good idea.

His "opponents" didnโ€™t know who were they betting against, so this worked in his favor in order to achieve his plan. Had they known at the time, itโ€™s the same person, they would have made him pay more for them or actively prevented him from reaching his goal.

The only auction he didnโ€™t win was the final one, where after a fierce battle with illestrater (Tim Kang)  he accepted defeat after a "fuck you" type of final bid by illestrater.


As you can see they have been outbidding each other for hours, so illestrater decided to double it and took the auction from 380k to 777,777.77$ - mic drop -

That is by far the biggest single NFT sale in history so far. The whole drop with 3.5M in total was also the biggest one recorded yet on any platform. Insane records that we are sure Beeple will be looking to smash on his next drop. What to expect next, 10M drop?

I was getting ready to wear my tinfoil hat and analyze some theories of foul play, but the more I analyzed it the more I was getting to the same conclusion, that this was a carefully planned scoop. We will leave the conspiracy theories for another issue.

Cryptoart is definitely going parabolic and that should encourage other big artists to join.

Overall there is nothing negative or suspicious about this drop and it can only be a good thing for the space.

We are living in truly historic times, as we witness in real time cryptoart transcending from its infantile stage directly  into puberty while completely leapfrogging the whole child state.



with Beeple

Of course our dear โ€œGazetteersโ€, we have something special for you. We have secured an exclusive interview by Beeple and we asked all the questions you were dying to ask him.

*DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A FAKE INTERVIEW, Beeple was not involved in any way shape or form.

Now with that out of the way letโ€™s move to our exclusive interview.

Hello Beeple! Means a lot accepting this interview with us
Hello RLEGazette readers, thank you for the invite, itโ€™s an absolute mf pleasure to be here interviewing for the most kickass shit news ever.

Thank you Beeple. Letโ€™s start with something that everyone has been itching to ask you, Is cereal a soup? Is hot dog a sandwich?
Man, I donโ€™t know. I donโ€™t eat that shit. After my first nifty drop I now eat llamas feet and elephant tears. Itโ€™s the source of my inspiration.   
Ummm trick question guy, food between bread probably constitutes as a mf sandwich yes, and cereal is actually a sweet mostly eaten cold soup.

What is the best wifi name youโ€™ve ever come across?
Most will expect me to say something cute like โ€œIt Burns When IP" 
But I like โ€œyc355f7q2ce5โ€

Do you ever whistle , just for the fun of it?
Of course i fkng whistle, my favorite one is LOVE YOURSELF by Justin Beiber, what can i say? Iโ€™m a huge Belieber. Although I like to yodel the theme tunes from Ukrainian fire safety infomercials as well.

How do you feel about putting pineapple on pizza?
Donโ€™t know much about pineapple on pizza, however i know a thing or 2 about undersea pineapples

What kind of secret society would you like to start?
Hahaha, you nearly got me there bro. Thatโ€™s a great fkng question, i have always dreamt about recruiting some bad mathafukas to spread the message of everyday-ism. Daily art rituals while chanting Justin Beiber. I canโ€™t imagine anyone whos dick wouldnโ€™t get hard doing this.

If peanut butter wasnโ€™t called peanut butter, what would it be called?
Creamed Nuts.

Thank you very much Beeple! Hope to have you again joining us in the future. Congratulations on this historic drop!
Thanks!  fo sho. Looking forward to participating in the mf Artdrops that you do - Some dope ass shit in there.

Final thoughts on this magnificent drop.

Beeple has one of the most consistent body of work out of any artist we are seeing today. The amount of willpower, perseverance and patience to do this, is truly unique and remarkable.

He surely is a different animal. Additionally the quality of these #everydays is fantastic. Itโ€™s mesmerizing to see how cryptoart and tokenization provide such an amazing and liberating way to monetize on what was previously not possible to monetize on. The application was a perfect fit here but the execution was out of this world.

Makes you feel hopeful and excited about what the future will bring. The gargantuan payday is 100% well deserved and makes us all happy to see Beeple getting paid.


Next Milestone: 10M $ drop!



NFT AWARDS is another story we covered in the past you can read the first part on issue #9.

The winners of NFT awards have been announced. Looks like the interest was pretty low. Despite some nice drama and passive aggressive accusations, there isnโ€™t much excitement surrounding this initiative or maybe it's lacking a good show.

Apart from some relevant judges, there were others that make you think, who the fuck is this dude/dudette and why is he/she an expert on NFTs out of nowhere?

So that being said letโ€™s all have a look (laugh) with the results.

Best Art NFT 2020

Picassoโ€™s Bull 1/1

NFT of the Year

sรค-v(ษ™-)rษ™n-tฤ“ by Micah_Johnson3

Adoption Potential Award


Most Valuable NFT

Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2020 1A by

Best Gaming NFT

Millipede by The Sandbox Game

Most Innovative NFT

Right Place & Right Time (Bitcoin Hourly Price Offset) by

Best Charity NFT

Kitty by ParisHilton

Best Utility NFT

Off the Charts" - Proof of Attendance by binance

People's Choice Award

64 GALLON TOTER by robnessofficial
Crypto Stamp by the Austrian Post
The People's Potato by secondrealm
Knife by NiftyWizards
Pop Star from jobtribes by DEA

Choosing the Best ART NFT before the year is over and not including Beepleโ€™s drops is not quite accurate for the 2020 ART NFT award and the cryptoart scene in general.

If a vote was on today the ART NFT of the year would most likely go to Beeple. The NFT of the year sรค-v(ษ™-)rษ™n-tฤ“, we also touched on that, on issue #9, that sale was super weird. Let's leave it at that.

Adoption Potential Award to cryptostamps, now here is an omegalol situation. That must have been the dumbest contract ever created and all that the "public"โ€™ agreed was that the way was executed was really dumb and a bad commercial for the space since the product was so bad.

Most Valuable NFT, Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2020, another NFT that sold for an unreal price that nobody wanted. F1 Delta time had only 6 users the following day.

Best Gaming NFT, Millipede by The Sandbox Game, has anyone actually played this?

Most Innovative NFT, Right Place & Right Time (Bitcoin Hourly Price Offset) by MattKaneArtist another category that should have been won by Beeple for his original drop on Nifty Gateway during the American elections, where the buyer didn't know what artwork will end up getting or more rightfully so to the REDLIONEYE GAZETTE! There i said it! Fuck yea!

Best Charity NFT Kitty by ParisHilton Why the fuck not? Might as well have been.

Last but not least the people's choice award went to 5 artworks, 64 GALLON TOTER by robnessofficial, Crypto Stamp by the Austrian Post,  The People's Potato by  secondrealm, Knife by NiftyWizards, Pop Star from jobtribes by DEA.

Who are these "people" that choose to vote for the Austrian post? You canโ€™t find anyone talking or caring about this project.

The peopleโ€™s potato and the toter are good choices if the votes were real because as we read before there were accusations the voting was boted. Now the other 2 you'll be the judge ;)

How about we create a new list that the Gazette readers will vote on?
Join the discussion on our Discord if you are interested to see what the most degenerate crowd would pick as winners.


$DTF rugged this week.

Oh yea? With so many rugs happening where is the news on this one RLE Gazette?

What is interesting in this rug is that there were accusations that the video was completely AI generated or a face swap type of deepfake, as you can read on ape3000โ€™s tweet. A more in depth explanation was provided from our friends @haremtoken on defizeusโ€™s tweet.


Take some time to go through the comments. The conversation is really interesting. What tomorrow brings for the affected parties, nobody knows, but most likely funds are gone forever.

Will we see another call to action/crusade or will we see some type of mechanism sprouting from all these disasters that will prevent situations like that in the future? That remains to be seen.

For the time people are bracing for another DEFI pump and of course they will pour money and ape into every new shitcoin with insane APY% and anon devs while disregarding red flags.

One could argue that that's all part of the game and whoever is in it should always be careful and bet according to their bankroll while keeping in mind that rugs/hacks/exploits/bugs are probable and can happen to any coin.

Paradoxically all these problems are gradually building a more robust ecosystem that will soon have standards and protocols that will be highly efficient and safe.


The Shameless Shilling



The most valuable resource you didnโ€™t know you needed.

There are a few people who will remember my [BruceTheGoose] vision for The Goose Nest, intended to be an NFT minting platform by artists, for artists; with curation, a self-driven internal economy, and a native social network to allow creators and collectors to network more easily. Months into building it, and trying to get any kind of help from the numerous people who praised the idea; I ran out of money, and I canโ€™t write a smart contract.  Shortly after that, June saw the creation of Nifty Pride.  Originally meant to simply be a Pride Parade in Cryptovoxels while the real world was in lockdown; it became a permanent institution in the Metaverse as an initiative to support, encourage, and showcase LGTBQ+ creators in the NFT space, and serve as a welcoming space for queer individuals who may otherwise be deterred from entering the blockchain ecosystem due to the fact that the tech and finance industries are historically male-dominant. To my dismay; that too quickly turned into something that I was the only person focusing on or contributing to. So, while Nifty Pride still very much exists, and will happily support LGBTQ+ people in the space to the best of my ability; I decided to revisit the original vision, which has since evolved to something thatโ€™s sure to rock the Metaverse at its very core.


NFThub; planned to become a vast ecosystem and a โ€œmeta-communityโ€ is, to start, a directory to  all things non-fungible. Included in the earliest alpha release, tentatively planned for a couple weeks from now; will be the following features: A community curated list of projects, games, collectibles, marketplaces, etc. surrounding NFTs, a public calendar allowing anyone to submit their event and relevant information (for which weโ€™ve partnered with POAP), an in-house, cross-chain DEX, a community forum for open discussion of anything related to NFTs; or damn near any topic realistically, within reason. Sub-community creation that can have either a public or private format, each containing itโ€™s own individual social feed, and a variety of integrated tools that weโ€™ve collaborated with creators of to include directly in the platform. The first tools weโ€™ve added are NFT Scribe, by Conlan; allowing anyone to append an on-chain message to any erc721 that they own, and NFT Multisend, created by our partners at Zero Utility, allowing batch-sending of NFTโ€™s and erc-20s.

As the platform evolves, a ton of new features will be added; many of which are already being prepared or have the green light from their respective owners/creators. Additionally, Nifty Pride will find itโ€™s new home within the NFThub platform, as will several other projects that have been the brainchild of the team as a whole or by individual members. There has been very little noise made about NFThub until now, and there wasnโ€™t any private or public ICO. While it likely would have raised enough funds to build it faster, I wanted to know for certain that there would be a solid foundation, and tangible proof of intent before offering any kind of presale; because I am 100% committed to the quality of the project, and to itโ€™s focus on the community to which I owe more than I can put into words. Iโ€™ll include some links, and there will be an official announcement soon regarding our presale NFT, and the benefits it will provide to its owners. Iโ€™d like to sincerely thank Red Lion Eye for providing the perfect outlet for this โ€œpress releaseโ€ and would am happy to invite you, reader, to join our community discord and if youโ€™d like to get involved in the project, please donโ€™t hesitate to let us know. This isnโ€™t meant to be a privately owned and controlled product; when we launch, it will be as a DAO, with everyone having a chance for their voice to be heard and acknowledged. 

At its core, NFThub is my way of giving back to the entire NFT community; a testament to my appreciation for having literally saved my life and for giving me purpose. Hereโ€™s to you, citizens of the Metaverse. Iโ€™m honored to be on this journey with you, and incredibly excited to start sharing everything NFThub has in store for the coming year. Sincerely(and Immutably) Yours, ~BruceTheGoose


Our Token
[DAO Governance/Community Reward]
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Our DAO๏ปฟ