Issue #21
Week 5 2021

Million Dollar Punk Draw

With a great team of talented contributors behind him, Pranksy is back with another first for the entire NFT space. 'The Million Dollar Punk Draw'! A fun and captivating new luck of the draw event sure to attract plenty of newcomers to the amazing Larva Labs Discord community, as well as help further distribute this pillar of an NFT.

The randomized draw is comprised of 150 Larva Labs CryptoPunks. Developer Punks to be specific, which can quickly and easily be identified. During the initial release of CryptoPunks in 2017 the Punks numbered 1-1000 were retained by the project developers. Ever since this initial release 'Dev Punks' have been especially difficult to come by. Largely due to just how devoted and attached the developers have become to their spectacular creation. Understandably so. They are absolutely mesmerizing.


'The draw itself is the first ever of it's type and will take place later, via a verified blockchain contract. At that point in time a snapshot of the owners of this particular token will be taken, and their draw entry will be confirmed. More info to come on this.' @pranksyNFT

Big congrats to the many loyal Punk Discord members who are soon to be rewarded for their quick reactions and faith! Only about 50 individual accounts now hold all 150 tickets.

Here are some great stats on the Punks included in the drawing. Big thanks @NftNoob. Wow!

Aftermarket sales of these tickets are already trading about 50% higher than their initial purchase price... Could still be a bargain, there are some great Punks in there. Great NFT ticket artwork by @Dudly_art too!


Though the Punk transfers which have taken place over the past days have been massive, the Larva Labs developer account remains the top Punk owner. Still, this must have been an extremely difficult decision. One the entire NFT community can appreciate. Congrats on the sale guys!

In addition to the massive Pranksy drop, Flamingo DAO, who recently purchased the first Alien Punk sold since 2018, purchased an additional 152 Punks from the Larva Labs developers to add to their impressive fund. We have no doubt this group of true believers will provide their new crew of Punks a great home. Congratulations to all Flamingo DAO members, you must be incredibly excited!

This is yet another historic Punk event which we wouldn't be surprised to see draw even more attention to Larva Labs, Crypto Punks, The Million Dollar Punk Draw, and all of it's contributors. Wow, really wow. Keep up the great work gang!

CryptoPunks have resulted in so much more than just a financially successful crypto investment.

Even more than the now thriving NFT sector on the Ethereum blockchain.

The irreplaceable community and happiness we all now share in are truly priceless. :)

Thanks @matthall2000 and @pents90. You have made an amazing difference.

Mark Cuban's First CryptoPunk!

Is it more surprising or fitting for him to be in attendance? :)

The Winklevoss twins. Mark Cuban. Who's next?




I should have bought more during the dips...

It was only 3 months ago the 2nd largest cryptocurrency by market cap was trading at just under $400. On Tuesday February 2nd Ethereum surged to over $1,500, breaking the previous all time high of $1,420 set in early January 2018.

It has been seven years since the creation of the open source decentralized blockchain network, which has revolutionized the world of tokenization, smart contracts, decentralized finance, and so much more. Perhaps the mix of institutional investors, DeFi yield farming, rampant NFT speculation, a mass exodus from centralized exchanges, and a finite supply of ETH are reason enough for the recent price boom. All surely contributing factors no doubt, but are they alone the catalyst?

The collective market cap of all ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain exceeded the native ETH market cap over 6 months ago.

Over $4 billion in ETH has been sent to the version 2.0 - Proof of Stake contract.

ο»ΏOver $30 billion of total value is now locked in DeFi.

Ethereum has clearly become much more than just another alt coin... Enter the Internet of Value.


 The β€œInternet of Value”, which is being built on the Ethereum blockchain is effectively becoming a full-featured decentralized version of our familiar centralized financial world and its traditional instruments. This is a massive fundamental shift. Allowing individuals the world-over to participate in a fully digitized economy spanning the entire globe. Empowering countless internet users to participate in worldwide commerce who otherwise might have been limited, or completely denied access to essential personal banking in their region.

Now that Ethereum has entered price discovery mode some analysts suspect its value might continue to rise rapidly. With targets approaching $3,000, double its current price within the next two to three weeks! Well, why not? BTC managed this shortly after achieving new all time highs.

We'd sure be curious just how such a massive ETH price rise in such a short period of time might affect economy on the Internet of Value, the NFT sector in particular... Stay Tuned!


Cuban NFTs πŸ”₯

He did it again! Mark Cuban released more NFTs this week. This time he sold the ability to create customizable videos that would be delivered directly to the buyer's wallet.

These videos seem to be an NFT play on Cameo but done right! They are meant to be personalized 30MB videos where you can request anything within the boundary of, "Be nice, I won't do anything you wouldn't ask a parent to do."

How does it work?

Once the NFT is purchased, the owner can access the unlockable content, where you’ll find an exclusive email address. From there, the owner can email the request for the personalized video. Cuban will then record, mint and transfer the customized video to the owner's wallet.

The personalized videos were originally priced at 2.5 ETH and sold out within minutes. Shortly after, there was a first sale for 35 ETH which was weird because there were cheaper listings. bought one for 12 eth and now prices are between 20-75 eth on the secondary. Not much significant movement since, however this NFT even at 20 ETH is still undervalued as the experience it’s offering is one of a kind, and can be turned into gold in the right hands.

One of the first videos to be minted was for SushiSwap, the decentralized exchange. He made a promo for them talking about how great their product is. The video seemed to confuse some people not realizing it was a paid Cameo and it was funny looking through the comment of this tweet. The cool thing about this NFT is there's so much that can be done with it.

Our very own Redlioneye was able to grab four of them! A couple of nice videos should be expected shortly, very exciting for our Gazette!

By far the biggest buyer was Pranksy,  he bought 10 videos. Probably no better hands to own and take advantage of these great NFTs. Another great purchase by Pranksy.

In an interesting turn of events however, Pranksy traded one of his β€œ@mcuban video clips in for a commissioned piece for @0x_b1, in the expectation he'd buy it…  for 88 ETH.” But Cuban threw in a wild move and sent it to 0x_b1 wallet instead of Pranksy’s before the ETH was exchanged. 

As people start cashing in their videos, it will be amazing to spectate what people will make Cuban say. This NFT drop by Mark is 100% an amazing project of its own and will for sure be talked about a lot in the future. We will  make a list with all 20 of them when they are all out!

What has been beautiful to watch is his approach and entrance into the space. Never before has such a high profile investor entered and interacted with the crypto communities so elegantly, while also in a manner that makes it feel like Mark is ONE OF US NOW. A very sweet, polite, degen shark from a big tank.


The Shameless Shilling


The AGAH (Art Gallery Auction House) is an intimate, live art auction environment that serves as a hub to connect artists and collectors.

We take pride in building an inclusive, welcoming, and positive community for folks to learn, share art, and run auctions. AGAH started on April 17, 2020 primarily as an auction house centered around the Enjin community, but throughout its growth has grown to support multiple NFT art platforms and various blockchains. In less than a year, we’ve been able to grow our telegram to over 900 wonderful members and facilitated hundreds of sales for artists and collectors! 


Participating is easy! Simply join our telegram and join the conversation! Introduce yourself and get acquainted with members of the community. Auctions run on a weekly basis, Tuesday-Friday 1PM-6PM PST (We plan on expanding hours soon!). Each auction runs 1 hour and bids are made right in the telegram chat (hooray for no-gas bids!).

As an artist/collector, you can book an auction slot via dm (@danilpan0) on Fridays 10AM PST when slots are announced, demand is extremely high so be quick! 

Join us on Telegram

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Email us any questions!ο»Ώ

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