Issue #22
Week 6 2021

Proof of Love

The cutest event is happening in the DEFI space: a couple is about to get married on Etherscan! Samujjal Choudhury and Pongkhi Pegu are planning on using the technology created by Zero Utility Team to permanently show their love for one another on the blockchain. 

The couple are from the state of Assam in India and met in Crypto chat rooms. Samujjal is part of the ZUT team and is a DJ better known as "DJ ilLusive sAm," and Pongkhi is a fashion blogger. 


I can only do so much in describing this fairytale love story, so here is an excerpt from sAm on how the two met:

"So, I met her online initially on Facebook + Instagram + WhatsApp brought us to where we are now. And yes, Crypto & Blockchain played an important role in our story.

It all started from me commenting on one of her insta post. She is a fashion blogger too, and I used to be in mad love with blogging and WordPress on the sidelines, lol πŸ˜…

Anyways, I found out that she was also interested in Blockchain and Crypto, and the best part she understood about it!

I was like, WTF!

I was surprised that she knew about it because it was basically nerd talk, and girls had little to no interest in crypto in our area back then. It was really underground the whole scene and community of crypto and Blockchain in our area.

I was in the space from 2016, and I met her online in 2017, just near the ATH.

So, a lot of interest ushered with the blogging community as well. Speeches related to crypto were done in the blogger's meet. Where I had a glimpse of her sitting in the hall. (First meet in the real world with her in the blogger's meet)

Anyways, I happened to have and still have a Blockchain locale community in WhatsApp named "BlockHead," started way back at that time. And I swear she was the only girl in that whole group.

Later we used to have long hours of chats only about Blockchain & Crypto. Those were pure dorm room nerd talk! No Romance... pure nerd stuff!

But somehow, amidst those crypto chats... we fell for each other.

And I swear again, both of us are not nerds (or maybe we are πŸ˜†).

Fast forward now, after about 3 years, we are about to have an engagement. The rings too being a part of our crypto journey."


In search for the perfect ring:

sAm wanted to make a blockchain memento for their wedding that would also be a physical NFT to signify their crypto roots. Being a team member of ZUT was able to use ZUT β€˜s experience in making their physical $ZUT to make their wedding rings.

The two wedding rings are being created by the ZUT team. Here's the crazy part about everything, both rings will have an NFC/RFID chip in them. The chip will then trigger the user's phone to open Metamask. From here, the NFTs will be permanently glued to the wallet. Just how love should work, the NFT cannot be transferred or burned from the wallet. This whole process is what makes this marriage permanent and legit.

The chips will be able to store NFT/Blockchain information and Chriatain Caine Jewelry authentication (The jeweler who made these rings). The chips are also planned on storing adorable pictures from their honeymoon.


This wedding is the cutest form of disruption blockchain has to offer, which could even set a new example in marriages. The blockchain has taught us how important immutability is, and we at the Gazette know that this will hold true for the love Samujjal Choudhury and Pongkhi Pegu have for each other. 

You guys are the cutest! Congratulations!'
Now go make toddler hodlers!!!


Josie Bellini meets Razzle Dazzle Pranksy in the Crystal Dome of NFTs!


Josie: Favorite childhood reality TV show?
Pranksy: The Crystal Maze. The final round involved catching tickets in a big sphere.

Josie: You are stranded on a desert island, with your worst enemy or alone?
Pranksy: Alone.

Josie: Do you have a favorite piece of NFT art?
Pranksy: Spider Gwen by Katy Arrington.


So great!

Josie: Biggest NFT regret?
Pranksy: Missed out on early Decentraland.

Josie: Which Projects involved in the longest?
Pranksy: Kitties, Punks, Voxels. I was first brought into NFT’s in 2017 – Crypto Kitties, suggested by Carlini

Josie: NFT’s to focus on and hold?
Pranksy: Historically relevant and visually appealing. Long-term holding now becoming something to think about. I’m determined to keep a full set female attribute Punks.



Josie: What will the space look like in 1 year?

Pranksy: Don’t Know! Hard to imagine. It would be great to bring in main stream and celebrities. Possible Soulja Boy, Lindsey Lohan, celebrity NFT box project? Maybe. Primarily to bring evermore attention / followers to the NFT space.

User Q&A:

Josie: When WAX NFT’s?
Pranksy: Currently no plans to create more Art NFT’s on any blockchain.

Josie: Mark Cuban box promotion possible? Mark Cuban Shill?
Pranksy: Of course this was done with Punk Draw. Could be coming for Boxes too. Still holding a big handful of Mark Cuban Shill videos to use.

Josie: Unique tips to stay on top of development?
Pranksy: Balance of time, sacrifices, being engaged in Discord, and finding the best groups to focus on. Keep an eye on markets. Browse OpenSea. CryptoPunks Discord is the place to be!

Worth mentioning here, with a baby on the way there's really not much time left to help launch other NFT projects 😞 Sorry, everyone. Rather than doing art, been doing events.

Josie: You day job obligations: Why not quit your job?
Pranksy: Day job is security, he’s also tremendously there while having loads of fun. It also gives him a unique and helpful perspective of the NFT space and his approach to it.

What industry/genre will shake the space up the most?

Josie: Virtual experiences. So much possibility!
Pranksy: Could be a risk with the big game company could take huge market share, create their own closed chain, centralizing a bulk of newcomers to the market, not embracing what is already at play in the space. Just look at how Topshot is opening doors to the entire NFT space for these new participants.

Josie: Have you had any contact with Banksy?
Pranksy: No :)

Josie: Sticking with OG NFT’s? Any other interesting projects?
Pranksy: Mostly. Things like ArtBlocks I would like to pick up on every drop if I had time. Also excited about FLOW.

Josie: Thoughts on Matic?
Pranksy: Support on OpenSea coming. Potential for a project in the future has been discussed. Nothing certain though.

Josie: Ever displayed artwork in a live gallery?
Pranksy: Would like the opportunity to display art in a gallery someday, not currently in the best position to. Just been focussing on online events. Lots of big dates coming up.

Josie: Favorite Punk in upcoming drawing?
Pranksy: The Discord Punk #205.


205 being included was a total surprise!

The drawing is hopefully just a couple of weeks away now, spinning wheel will be used in the Punk drawing. Boxes should launch ___ and May 24th is the big day, baby due date!

Josie: Big congratulations!

Josie: Favorite purchase of 2021?
Pranksy: Buying Moderats entire TopShots and Avastars collections. Up to 1,700 Avastars now!

Josie: If you could suddenly be good at anything?
Pranksy: I would love to be able to draw. To imagine and then create great art all on my own. Not to sell, though I might sell it. :)

Josie: What would be the most surprising scientific discovery imaginable?
Pranksy: Maybe terraforming another planet, or planet-saving technology, eternal life maybe. 

Keep giving them the old Razzle Dazzle @pranksyNFT :)

Great interview @josiebellini!

You can watch the interview
in its entirety here.



Week Roundup of Celebrities in NFT's

Some big names have recently entered the NFT space, from billionaire Mark Cuban to actress Lindsay Lohan. This is your week roundup of our top celebrities entering the NFT space.

Mark Cuban 

We have been covering Cuban's journey through NFT's these past few issues, and this week in Cuban's NFT world a new music video was made. The creator, Jonathan Mann, inspired by the poem Cuban read on one of his NFT cameos, decided to make a song out of the video.  With Cuban's blessing, the music video was made available in Rarible for 0.02 ETH. This unexpected adventure  has turned into one more of Cuban’s experiments.

Chamath Palihapitiya

Another billionaire, Chamath Palihapitiya, CEO of Social Capital, has announced his creation of a portfolio of NTF's during an interview. This is crazy because last summer, he was a normie and stated he didn't know what DEFI is. The growth of billionaires is amazing in these past few months, and everyone is starting to hope on the NFT train.

Lindsay Lohan

Singer and actor Lindsay Lohan dropped two different 1 of 1 NFTs this week. On her first drop, @0x_b1 got their hands on it for 30 ETH and created a Twitter poll saying, "After @lindsaylohan's antics of shamelessly supporting @justinsuntron's projects yesterday... do YOU believe she deserves a place in our ecosystem?" Of course, Twitter voted to burn it, and @0x_b1 did such that. When writing this, I honestly forgot who Lindsay Lohan was and had to google her so in a way this might just be a way for her to stay relevant.

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy continues to make his NFT run with a release of a new NFT called "Soulja Collector's Cards." Like with anything with Soulja Boy, he marked up the price and tried selling them for 3 ETH but was only able to sell 2, one of which was for only 0.3 ETH. His entering in the NFT space seems like a disingenuous money grab, just like his failed Soulja Boy game counsel and Soulja Phone. 

There are many more celebrities, and big-name billionaires are joining the NFT and DEFI space every day. It is exciting to see how much this space is growing, and it will only get bigger with time as more celebrities jump in. NFT FOMO is real and is happening right now. Expect many statistical posts soon on Twitter.



$Rari to the Moon!

The Rarible team has announced a very interesting upcoming draft proposal to be reviewed by the community.

Details include possible Rari governance token changes which would introduce RARI staking, rewarding, and further decentralizing governance participation. Also, adjustments to the RARI distribution model would include funding the Rarible DAO by way of a governance-controlled RARI treasury, all in the interests of the Rarible community. If you are not familiar, here is a quick read covering RARi's purpose as a governance token.


TL;DR, here is the proposal we are currently considering:

  • RARI would be β€œactivated” through staking RARI in a governance smart contract (β€œActivated RARI”)
  • Stakers would be able to use their Activated RARI to vote on governance proposals or delegate voting power to eligible community participants;
  • The RARI distribution plan would be adjusted so that:
    • 25% of the marketplace mining fund (i.e.,15% of the RARI TotalSupply) would be reallocated away from the marketplace mining fund and into a smart contract Community Treasury governed by Activated RARI for developer and creator grants and other purposes beneficial to the Rarible community;
    • 25% of the marketplace mining fund (i.e., 15% of the RARI TotalSupply) would be reallocated away from the marketplace mining fund and into a governance mining fund used to reward holders of Activated RARI who actively participate in governance;
    • Community treasury and Activated RARI holder rewards maintain the same weekly distribution schedule.
  • (Thus, in total, the distribution plan would be changed for 50% of the marketplace mining fund (i.e., 30% of the RARI TotalSupply, while the other aspects of the RARI distribution plan would remain the same);
  • Whereas currently all RARI votes are β€œnon-binding advisory votes,” votes of Activated RARI on proposals relating to use of the Community Treasury would be binding votes, bringing us one step closer to creating a fully decentralized Rarible DAO;
  • Un-staked RARI would remain eligible to participate in signaling votes through snapshot, but, to mitigate the potential for governance attacks, would not be eligible to participate in binding votes such as votes on uses of the Community Treasury;

Please share your comments and reasoned improvement suggestions below.

P.S. we’re running the contest for the best name for Activated RARI πŸ˜‰

This week's price action might suggest no shortage of intrigued investors ready to commit to the new potential RARI tokenomics... Price action over the past 30 days however has actually been even more bullish!


Could also have a lot to do with recent celebrity interest and endorsements seen on Rarible. We've seen RARI incentives on their own create massive waves throughout the NFT space in the past, are things different this time?

Regardless if this proposal is made official and eventually is approved one thing is becoming clear. Rarible is evolving.

The Rarible Discord might be a great place to learn more about the potential impact of this draft proposal.

The rapid rise of the Rarible platform has been remarkable. We are especially interested to watch the continually onward and upward progress unfold right in front of us. We're also extremely proud to have been a part of Rarible since its infancy.

Keep up the great work Team Rarible!



Decentralized Artistry by The Hashmasks

Digital Identities serve as the window to our souls for the outside world. Society is also starting to acquire virtual land, build digital homes and decorate them.

Hashmasks have become part of people’s collections, which serve in their physical or virtual home as decoration. For others, their Hashmask has become a digital Identity that represents and identifies with them.

Digital art existed long before the blockchain. But just like almost all data, it was easy to copy. How can you claim a digital artwork is yours if another person can present you with the identical file of the image? The NFT market is still very much in its infancy and the amount of digital art is limited. We imagine a future, in which only a small proportion of the world will physically visit the Louvre. The rest of us will enter the second world and visit the digital Louvre. 

The art generation phase for the Hashmasks project took over half a year. This process, the multitude of artists(over 70), the different components of each artwork, the dynamism, the lack of singular input for the finalized pieces is why we believe Hashmasks represent a truly unique example of digital, decentralized art. Decentralized, nameless, and at the same time, unique and unattributed. It is critical to understand that none of the 16,384 masks were completed by a single artist. This was truly a decentralized masterpiece. 

Hashmasks have two well defined token models. The NFT(ERC-721) allows the ownership to be stored on the blockchain in order to allow the transparent verification and transfer of ownership over the art. Every single owner, sale, offer, bid and movement of each portrait will be publicly verifiable and immutable on Ethereum and leave its mark on the back of the digital canvas. The Name Changing Token (NCT) enables users to name their NFTs within the Hashmasks ecosystem and, thus, commoditized the name-giving process itself. 

Ever since the euphoric reveal of the Hashmasks art and token alignment, the team is blown away by the community’s continued enthusiasm. We’ve seen art sleuths uncover hidden messages in their Hashies; developers build new tools to analyse better the art and a lot of other excellent content which builds on the work done. Many community grant programs have been retroactively rewarded and more grants are in the pipeline with a focus on increasing exposure and growth of the unique Hashmask story.

Please join us in our Discord and follow our Twitter to join our community and get the latest updates on our journey.


The Spectacular Larva Labs Discord NFT Extravaganza!

The next time you are watching CryptoPunks fly in the Larva Labs Discord (probably not long from now) be sure to switch to that #autoglyphs channel, there’s some impressive recent activity in there! If you have never attended the Larva Labs Discord chat, you are missing out on quite a sight to see.

A few strong handed NFT holders in this particular small circle have long insisted this was inevitable. More than overdue. The first on-chain generative art on the Ethereum blockchain was nothing to sneer at nearly two years ago, and certainly isn’t today. Now, it is one thing reading about these fantastic sales, but it is another to be present to observe this price action for yourself in Discord. There is also much more being discussed among this savvy group other than Punk and Glyph sales. Many consider it to be the collective NFT sector's primary community hub. Might be a good time to check it out if you haven’t before. Things could just be warming up…

An NFTX AutoGlyph pool proposal was recently announced, perhaps prompting interested new buyers to quickly purchase the most affordable Glyphs on sale. This exceptionally rare NFT is limited to a total supply of 512, the floor price of Glyphs rapidly rose by more than 300% from 14 ETH to 50 ETH in a matter of days... Forget about the last ~ 10 months of AutoGlyph price activity!

The original AutoGlyph announcement was made by on April 8th 2019. Anyone interested should read the excellent overview and developer interview covering this revolutionary project. Only fitting Larva Labs lead in creating the first generative on-chain art. It seems to me the visual / aesthetic could have been taken in many directions, and @Matt2000 and @Pents90 totally nailed it with AutoGlyphs.


From the Artnome interview:

'Does the code for generating the image live on the blockchain? Or is there actually an image on the blockchain?

John Watkinson: The code lives on the blockchain, and in fact, when you ask the blockchain for the image, it will just generate it again for you. That part happens on an end node, so that doesn't cost any actual money or gas. But whenever you say, β€œGive me the image for Autoglyph five", it will just generate it again for you based on the seed information that was created in the transaction.'

Matt Hall: It's probably also worth making the distinction between the image and the instructions to generate different representations of it. The actual image you see on the website is not generated on the blockchain. The art, the instructions for how to write it are on the blockchain, but we make an SVG or PNG file on the web server. If that was your question, then no, the actual image data doesn't come off the blockchain, but there's an ASCII representation of exactly what that is on there. It's an ASCII art representation of the glyph.'


The result speaks for itself. Both the final images and their ASCII representations are undeniably outstanding pieces of art. All the characters neatly arranged together into stunning and unique individual shapes and patterns…

Personally, I can’t imagine a more fitting equivalent to digital gems.

Immutable, decentralized, digital gems.

Yes, yes, yes.

What else can be said? This will always be an extremely tough act to follow, and that is very, very exciting!

1,000 ETH Alien CryptoPunk Bids 


$1.8 Million bidder on the hunt. Most Impressive!


Perhaps even more impressive, the bids remain unaccepted and uncountered.

Those single attribute Punks do command a bit of a premium... :)

Stay tuned gang!