Issue #40
Week 24 2021


Sir Tim Berners-Lee, โ€˜The Father of The Webโ€™ is having the source code for the first version of his โ€˜WorldWideWebโ€™ application auctioned at Sothebys from June 23rd through June 30th as a one of a kind NFT.

โ€œWhy an NFT? Well, it's a natural thing to do as when you're a computer scientist and when you write code and have been for many years. It feels right to digitally sign my autograph on a completely digital artefact.โ€

Sir Tim Berners-Lee

This Changed Everything: Source Code for WWW x Tim Berners-Lee, an NFT

Bidding will begin at $1,000!

โ€œThree decades ago, I created something which, with the subsequent help of a huge number of collaborators across the world, has been a powerful tool for humanity. For me, the best bit about the web has been the spirit of collaboration. While I do not make predictions about the future, I sincerely hope its use, knowledge and potential will remain open and available to us all to continue to innovate, create and initiate the next technological transformation that we cannot yet imagine. NFTs, be they artworks or a digital artefact like this, are the latest playful creations in this realm, and the most appropriate means of ownership that exists. They are the ideal way to package the origins behind the web.โ€


The internet was just a patch-work of individual networks utilized mostly by computer engineers, for directly sending and receiving relatively limited information... Until Berners-Lee.

In 1989 while Berners-Lee was working at CERN as an Oxford-graduate physicist, attempting to juggle multiple computer systems running incompatible programs, he crafted the fundamental components of the online experience we cherish more each day. With the permission of his superiors to continue working on a project that was not aligned with CERNs primary research objectives, his experimentation developed into the common HTML language, the shared information transfer protocol of HTTP, and the URL conventions we know today. The โ€œWorldWideWebโ€ application was the first hypermedia browser, allowing users to create and navigate links between files across a network of computers. The modern World Wide Web is what makes the internet widely accessible, and now irreplaceable to the masses.


You can read more details about the original WorldWide Web application and even run a recreated version of the WorldWideWeb browser at CERN 2019 WorldWideWeb Rebuild 2019๏ปฟ

The upcoming Sothebyโ€™s auction will include the code for the WorldWideWeb browser, a letter from Berners-Lee, a vector file of a signed poster displaying WorldWideWeb code, and a 30-minute video of the code being typed out. All proceeds of this auction will be donated to initiatives supported by Berners-Lee and his wife.

Berners-Lee states in the Sothebys press release that NFTs are โ€œthe latest playful creationsโ€ on the internet and โ€œthe ideal way to package the origins behind the web.โ€

Sothebyโ€™s Auction Detailed Description:

OWNER: Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, b. 1955

Source Code for the WWW


Work includes:

Original archive of dated and time-stamped files containing the source code, written between 3 October 1990 and 24 August 1991. These files contain code with approximately 9,555 lines, the contents of which include implementations of the three languages and protocols invented by Sir Tim; HTML (Hypertext Markup Language); HTTP (Hyper Transfer Protocol); and URIs (Uniform Resource Identifiers), as well as the original HTML documents that instructed early web users on how to use the application

Animated visualization of the code being written (Video, black & white, silent), lasting 30 minutes 25 seconds

An Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) representation of the full code (A0 841mm wide by 1189 mm high), created by Sir Tim from the original files using Python, with a graphic representation of his physical signature at lower right

A letter written in the file (in โ€œmarkdownโ€ format) by Sir Tim in June of 2021, reflecting upon the code and his process of creating it

Non-fungible Token ERC-721

Minted on June 15, 2021, ed. 1/1

Smart Contract Address: 0x86ade256037d80d6d42df8df96d5be21cd25bd8f


Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) representation of the full code

Sothebyโ€™s Catalogue note:


Invented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in 1989, the โ€œWorldWideWebโ€ application was the first hypermedia browser/editor, allowing users to create and navigate links between files across a network of computers. It was written in the Objective C programming language, using the Interface Builder on a NeXT computer, a highly influential and innovative computer designed by Steve Jobs in between the time he was forced out of Apple in 1985 and when he rejoined in 1997.

Over the past several centuries, humankind has seen a succession of paradigm shifts that have brought us forward into the Modern Era; Galileoโ€™s proof of Heliocentricity, Gutenbergโ€™s invention of the printing press, and Einsteinโ€™s Theory of Relativity to name a few, but none has had as seismic of an impact on our daily lives as the creation of the World Wide Web. Sir Timโ€™s invention changed everything, and created an entirely new world, democratizing the sharing of information, and creating new ways of thinking, interacting, and staying connected to one another.

With physical artifacts such as books, one can quantify and prove rarity; take for example, a first edition of Charles Darwinโ€™s On the Origin of Species, of which 2000 copies were printed of the first edition in June of 1859, and for which one original hand-written manuscript exists. Thanks to physical evidence, we can verify and prove the authenticity of the one hand-written manuscript, as well as distinguish between true first editions of the work and later copies; but how to do so with a digital-native artefact such as this? Until very recently, selling a digital-born artifact was not a possibility, however the advent of NFTs has now made this possible, allowing the buyer to prove that the files on offer here are the original, digital- born manuscript for the greatest and most consequential invention of modern times, direct from Sir Tim Berners-Lee, their creator.

Sir Tim has always said, when asked, that he does not make predictions about the future of the web, but he feels that it will surely be more creative and powerful than what we can now imagine. Technology evolves into new shapes and new forms all the time in an open environment like the web. New forms of digital artifacts and artworks like NFTs are some of the newest iterations of playful creation in the realm of linking, identifying, artistry and creation in the web space.

Using blockchain technology, NFTs endow digital files with provable scarcity. While every piece of digital media is infinitely reproducible, an NFT is not. There is only one NFT and one corresponding owner. Acting as a form of certification for digital files, an NFT confers uniqueness onto those files and makes it possible for them to be owned. As the most digitally native means of ownership that exists, it is the ideal way to package this representation of the source code for the web, representing a perfect fit between medium and content.

This NFT is historic and singular, but, the code for the web and its use, knowledge, power, potential will remain open and available to us all to continue to innovate, create and initiate the next technological transformation that will be built upon what we see today, that we cannot yet imagine.

As Sir Tim notes at the end of the letter he has written to accompany the files, โ€œIt has been fun to go back and look over the code. It is amazing to see the things that those relatively few lines of code, with a help of an amazing growing gang of collaborators across the planet, stayed enough on track to become what the web is now. I have never once felt I could relax and sit back -- as the web was and is constantly changing. It is not yet the best it can be: there is always work to be done!โ€

Really looking forward to this unique and exciting auction!

We all owe tremendous thanks to Tim Berners Lee. Not just for the individual effort made building the WWW, but for designing it with a mind to make information free, in a completely unselfish effort to give the world the ability to spread knowledge and solve problems. I wouldnโ€™t be surprised to see a lot of interest in such a historical NFT auction which focuses on one of the most transformative creations of all time, by one of the most influential people our world has ever known. See you there!


Bored Ape Kennel Club

This week, the Bored Ape Yacht Club developers surprised everyone with their announcement of the Bored Ape Kennel Club, a collection of dog companions for Apes.

Who let the dogs out?

The Kennel Club was revealed when Bored Apes tweeted out: 

โ€œIt gets lonely in the swamp sometimes. Thatโ€™s why every Ape should have a four-legged companion. To curl up at your feet. To bring you a beer. To fire a missile launcher at that bastard Jimmy the Monkey.

Thatโ€™s why weโ€™ve started the Bored Ape Kennel Club, and why weโ€™re offering up a dog NFT for adoption to every single member of the BAYC โ€“ for free (you only pay gas).โ€

The Kennel Club is a collection of 10,000 dog NFTs that every Ape owner can mint. The minting phase will last for one week until June 25th, and once the adoption drive is done, the dogs will be revealed to their owners.


โ€œThere are 10,000 total Bored Ape Kennel Club NFTs. Each BAKC dog is stored as an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Every dog in the kennel club is unique and programmatically-generated from over 170 possible traits. Some traits are rarer than others.โ€

The Kennel Club will also act as a charitable contribution to no-kill-animal shelters. Each for the next six weeks secondary sale on OpenSea will have a 2.5% royalty that will be donated to various no-kill shelters. 

The floor price keeps on increasing with every passing hour, which is good news for these various charities. Currently, the floor price for the dogs is around 1.35 ETH and Twitter user, BelfortNFT, pointed out that BAYC just airdropped $30 million to their users.

For many, the work that the developers at BAYC seem to be a refreshing take on building a community. This is compared to the hands-off approach Larva Labs have done with CryptoPunk. BAYC appears to have exceeded expectations and proves they were not a collection made for a cash grab.

Whatโ€™s Next?

It will be interesting to see what the developers have in store to continue building this community. According to their most recent roadmap, they are planning on releasing a โ€œbreedingโ€ feature to Apes and a collab with SANDBOX.

In other news from BAYC, they appear to be handing out DMCAs to several artists trying to start their own projects with Apes. 

One example is artist BobAmor, who was handed a DMCA by BAYC via OpenSea, for an apparent copyright infringement against his project, Bored Ape Card. The problem seems to stem from his use of the Bored Ape logo for his card, which BAYC has the right to. Click below to read his thread.

Other artists to be handed DMCAs were TaylorWTF and Beanie. These DMCAs have sparked controversy because when BAYC sold each Ape, they promised all commercial rights to owners. Weโ€™ll have to see what the effects these DMCAs will have on BAYC. Will they backfire and turn the community against them?  


Crypto Coaster 2021

Just like that, weโ€™re half way through 2021 and what a wild ride it has been! Thereโ€™s been so much excitement you couldnโ€™t be blamed for getting swept up in some of the FOMO as well as the FUD. After an impressive run up of over 300% after breaking previous long-held all time highs, Bitcoin is currently trading remarkably close to where it was at the beginning of the year.


As of today BTC is up over 7% in 2021. Bullish! Right?

With the price of major cryptos BTC and ETH well off of their all time highs and still showing signs of short term weakness, technical analysts are back in the crypto-twitter spotlight. 

In case you hadnโ€™t heard, news of the ominous sounding โ€œDeath Crossโ€™ indicator has been circulating once more. As always, itโ€™s advisable to do your own research, just be sure to keep an eye out for the clickbait nonsense.

I prefer to go directly to a trusted, knowledgeable source whenever possible. So where can we learn just how bullish or bearish things actually are for BTC? Want to know who is buying, who is selling, how much is being paid, and how much is being held? We should probably take a good look at some of the on-chain data available.


Bitcoin HODL Waves (Active Coins)

There are plenty of people out there tweeting doom and gloom after being tested by the bears for the first time in a long time, or perhaps for the first time ever! The more experienced analysts and traders seem to be having a good time with it all :)

Bitcoin is still the market cap leader but definitely not the only big game in town any longer! Ethereum has held on to itโ€™s 2021 dollar gains much better than Bitcoin, so far.. Big ETH development updates are expected within the next month and any delays could lead to additional short term downside.

EIP-1559 is shaping up to be evermore game-changing for ETH every dayโ€ฆ


ETH price is currently still up over 168% in 2021

No matter if ETH should currently be considered bullish or bearish, right now there is much more important long-term and forward thinking progress being made to focus on. The continued offloading of layer one transactions to side-chains and layer 2 solutions has brought some of the best ETH gas prices in recent memory. I must say, it has been nice having the opportunity throughout the day to transact at a very low gas rate.


Whoa, is this correct?!

However, during times of high demand (like that awesome new Curated Art Blocks Drop), there are still unpredictable and sometimes difficult to manage gas spikes. Also worth pointing out, throughout all the latest BTC and ETH price FUD, regardless of the ongoing layer one / layer 2 scaling matters, the NFT community space has been as engaged as ever despite recent corrections in price. Actually, some newer NFT projects seem to have only been correcting upwards recently!

Itโ€™s not just the new, ambitious, and excited project speculators having all the fun either. Even NFT communities of projects not currently experiencing hyper-active price action are still too busy trading, curating, collecting, collaborating, creating, or just having a great time with their friends to be bothered. Almost as though something much more important than the short term price action is going onโ€ฆ






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