Issue #43
Week 27 2021

"We Like The Cats"

Even though I specifically discussed Cat NFT saturation (and how we STILL aren’t there) just a few short months ago, somehow these cats snuck up on me. Don’t feel bad if you’re just learning about Cool Cats, and realizing Gen 1 has already sold out, you’re not alone! Further, there might be some fun worth looking forward to.

Iron Mike Tyson Likes The Cats!

Let's quickly bring ourselves up to speed...

What are Cool Cats?

Cool Cats are a collection of programmatically, randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The 1st generation consists of 10,000 randomly assembled cats from over 300k total options. Cool Cats that have a variety of outfits, faces and colors - all cats are cool, but completed outfit cats are the coolest. Each Cool Cat is comprised of a unique body, hat, face and outfit - the possibilities are endless!


Why get a Cool Cat?

Aside from participating in one the freaking coolest, curated but randomized NFT projects to date and getting a kick butt profile picture - you can help us evolve and build the future of Cool Cats. We’re giving back 20% of all ETH raised to the community (through contests, raffles, and more) - because we genuinely want Cool Cats to be a community driven and centric project. By getting a Cool Cat you have a voice in the community and can help guide the direction of the project. We’ll need help from you guys to determining specifics for future developments like breeding, next generation Cool Cats, the app, and much more!


I hear there have already been some sizable trade offers for Exotic Cool Cats…

Considering these cats were first available for purchase at .02 ETH the current ~.70 ETH floor is pretty impressive. Not to mention the super high-end β€˜Exotic Cool Cats now on sale. There are some really cool looking ones here, in some pretty strong hands too by the look of it!


Rarity Tools Cool Cats Rankings & Stats 

Their future road map is short and sweet for now. Participants seem to be having a great time without much sense of hurry or worry at the moment.



Yes! This will happen in Gen 2. We’re still contemplating the most optimal way to implement this and are hoping the community can weigh in as well, but breeding will in fact be a thing in Gen 2!

The Cool Cats dev team is comprised of 4 core members.

Clon, previously knows as The Catoonist ( around some parts - who is responsible for the origination of Blue Cat and all of the Cool Cats illustration.

Tom, whose got the Jimmy Neutron brain responsible for the technical side from smart contracts to servers, all that β€œfun” stuff.

Lynq is our ace up the sleeve dev ninja that builds out our cool website and shiny buttons so they actually do something when you click them.

ELU who is on creative direction, kicking pixel butt with Clon and also switches between marketing and project management.


Already be a pretty solid user base in the CoolCats Discord looking toward the future...

There look to be around 2,500 unique wallets holding 10,000 total Cool Cats at this time. Decent distribution to go with some early high-end OpenSea sales activity is pretty confidence inspiring.


19, 13, 8 ETH sales, not bad at all for such a young NFT project!


2,649 of 10,000 currently on sale

People are already on the hunt for their favorite style of Cool Cat with early price action still trending upward. Many are intent on grabbing their favorites to hold long term, so you might want to lock down a couple of your favorites while you still can!


Rare Cool Cat giveaway event underway which looks easy enough to join for any current Cool Cat participant! 


Meebits Rising!

You might not have noticed unless you were watching closely, but Meebits buying activity has been gradually increasing in pace and quantity for a couple of weeks now, with the floor price steadily rising. Now, after just a couple of quiet months since the launch of Meebits...

A new record sale price! Topping the previous record of 700 ETH for a Dissected Meebit

Surprise! A 1,000 ETH purchase of the one and only β€˜Mutant’ Pig Meebit has quickly brought a lot of attention back to the most recent Larva Labs NFT project. The purchase was made on OpenSea, which is a bit of a shame considering the Larva Labs Meebit contract has a built in 0% fee buying/selling/trading platform which could have saved the seller roughly $50,000 worth of ETH fees at the time of purchase. Though it is by far the most expensive recent Meebit purchase, it certainly isn’t the only recent high-end Meebit sale.


Highest All Time Meebit Sales

There has especially been a lot of interest in rare type and attribute Meebits lately. Just yesterday a number of Pig Meebits were purchased in a very short time span, almost instantly raising the Pig floor price by ~50%! Earlier this week a number of premium priced 3d Glasses and Hoodie Meebits were purchased in rapid succession. It really looks like people are suddenly getting excited about fine tuning their Meeb collections!


Current Top Bids focussed on Human Meebits


Pigs flying! Floor price rose from 7.75 ETH to 11 ETH in a snap!


Special Meebits Type Floor Prices 7-11-21


Big thanks to DeGenData.eth for the awesome charts!

The recent growth in Meebit sales per day is hard to ignore. It’s really helpful to have this up-to-date Meebit sales data available, and presented so well! DegenData has done a great job with many popular NFT projects as well.

Meebits-DegenData-01 shows slow and steady growth in the number of sales as well as prices over the past month...

11 Pig sales yesterday gave the median daily sale price a nice boost to 2.4 ETH across only 37 sales total. Impressive, considering within the past month the median price has been as low as 0.83 ETH! Total number of daily sales appears to still be increasing along with the average price being paid.


Saturday Floor Prices.


Sunday Floor Prices... And still climbing!

There's much more for Meebits participants to explore too. Personally, the more pictures I see, the more I really want to go in for Meebits 3D Printing! The files that come bundled with each individual Meebit (including 3d-print .vox files) really takes digital ownership to the next level.


Amazing Collection! Photo Courtesy of


Love the variety! Another great picture from

More and more Larva Labs faithful have been creating 3d-printed models of their Meebits. Looks like Shapeways does a pretty great job too!

The Meebits DAO has been pushing out some great new content over the past weeks as well! Their Discord is growing steadily, primarily through recruiter invites. The announcement of their upcoming Dissected Meebit sharding β€˜Ticket’ drop for all Meebit holders has sparked a mass of interest. If you haven’t already, you might want to quickly enter the waiting list to join the MeebitsDAO community Discord.

LarvaLabs onboard with Meebits DAO!

Especially exciting news for Meebits DAO and for all Meebits holders! The alignment of Larva Labs with the tremendous community effort being undertaken by MeebitsDAO members to build the metaverse is among the most promising support imaginable! The future of Meebits and their inevitable metaverse is looking brighter by the day!


DeafBeef Series-5

This week NFT artist, DeafBeef, auctioned off four pieces of his β€œSeries 5 - Advection” collection for a total of 276.3 ETH to collectors, FingerprintsDAO and Keyboard Monkey.

DeafBeef is relatively new to the NFT scene, starting up in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic and selling his first pieces by March 2021. Since his start, he has been super active, selling 220 NFT in four months.

He is an artist that uses code written in C language to generate art pieces with sounds. Each piece directly outputs raw numerical data encodable to sound and visual media. The random hash value that they are minted at influences the musical elements of the pieces. These musical elements that are influenced include tempo, timbre, pitch, and time signature.

β€œI emerged after seven years living under a rock while my kids were young, to discover that modular synthesizers had come back into style. Having a background in electrical engineering, sound recording, and music, I was excited the culture of synths had re-emerged. However, there was a certain amount of consumerism in the new culture, and I decided to take an alternative ascetic approach of using β€˜nothing’ to make music, rather than sink time and money into expensive hardware that many seemed to view as magical β€˜black boxes’”

Series 5 - Advection

For his 5th series, DeafBeef inspired by the study of fluid motion, bringing the relationship between nature, mathematics, and generative art into one piece. The series is a collection of 8 different generative art pieces. Of the eight, four have been sold, one is locked and reserved for community use, and the last remaining three will be sold off at a later date. 

β€œThis work attempts to express the beauty and harmony found in the overlap of mathematical and physical concepts in different perceptual modalities. The fluid motion model for these animations is based on academic research conducted in 2010. The sounds of struck percussion are synthesized from physical models sharing common principles.”

Pieces sold


Token 216

Bought for 47.25 ETH by FingerprintsDAO


Token 217

Bought for 82 ETH by FingerprintsDAO


Token 218

Bought for 77 ETH by Keyboard Monkey


Token 219

Bought for 61.0575 ETH by Keyboard Monkey

This whole auction is incredible, considering DeafBeef started out four months ago. The growth seen by DeafBeef is remarkable, and it will be exciting to see how much he will grow.

RTFKT Studios on Stock X

RTFKT Studios just announced a partnership with the resell marketplace, StockX. This announcement is huge for its joining of both the NFT and sneaker world. Both are multimillion-dollar industries, and the merging of them can indicate incredible growth.

The collaboration between StockX and RTFKT Studios is strictly for the secondary sale of physical clothing and not of NFTs. It would be interesting to see if StockX eventually adds a marketplace for NFTs.  

The futuristic clothing company

RTFKT Studios is a digital fashion company that is blurring the lines between the physical and digital world. The company started back in January 2020 selling NFT shoes for various video games; since then, they have leaped to the physical world. Back in February, they collaborated with NFT artist Fewocious where they sold 621 pairs of sneakers for a net total of $3.1 million.


RTFKT describes themselves as:

β€œRTFKT is a very eclectic, creator led organisation. RTFKT uses the latest in game engines, NFT, blockchain authentication, and augmented reality, combined with manufacturing expertise to create one of a kind sneakers and digital artifacts.”


RTFKT is continuing to pave the way in NFT fashion. Recently they’ve been in the middle of a drop where Punk owners can β€œforge” their own unique physical sneaker based on the owners Punk. β€œEach Punk is unique, and so it follows that each Punk should get a unique sneaker, so we made 10,000 1 of 1 sneaker for all the punks...We are excited to bring you the first Punk Project Forging event to bring the punks their own physical sneakers.” 

The Future of NFT Clothing

The partnership of RTFKT and StockX may help other fashion brands see the potential of connecting NFTs with Physical clothing. It is the perfect marriage between two different types of flippers. 

Although currently, the partnership is only meant to set up a market for the secondary sale of physical RTFKT clothing, it would be nice to eventually see a marketplace where you can buy both the NFT and physical parts of a product. This is just the beginning of an untapped market for NFT clothing.