Uniswap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

All you need to swap on Uniswap is a wallet and a coin on the Ethereum blockchain. It is very pretty easy so let’s get into it. 

Step 1

We start by going to Coingecko and searching for the coin you wish to swap for. From there, you are going to click to copy the token contract. 

Note: Coingecko has most ETH-based token contracts, so it’s a great resource to use to find token contracts to trade for various tokens.


Step 2

You will then go to Uniswap and click β€œselect a token”. From there, you will paste your token contract to the search bar and hit enter.


Step 3

Choose the amount you want to trade for the token and what other token you want to trade for. After you figure this out, you will hit β€œSwap” and then β€œConfirm Swap”


Note: if you are using a token that you have never swap before, you will have to approve the token. This will cost you a small fee.


Step 4

You will be taken to your wallet and will be able to adjust the gas fee. To make sure the transaction goes through, you can adjust the gas and put it to fast. You can also customize the exact GWEI you want by clicking on the advance settings.  


Make sure you know where gas is at before swapping by checking out Etherscan’s gas tracker. It is important not to swap when gas is high because the gas fees can get super expensive

Step 5

If your TX gets stuck, you can speed up the transaction by clicking β€œSpeed Up” on your wallet activity. From there, you will be given options on how much you want to speed up the transaction. Click on β€œfast” to make sure the transaction goes through.


You can check the estimated confirmation time by clicking on the β€œView on Etherscan” button in your wallet activity.


After your transaction goes through, you will get a success status on Etherscan transaction details.


Congratulations on swapping your token on Uniswap! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask on our discord.


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